Iranian cultural envoy to Beirut;

Trump's deal of century awakened Arab artists

Trump's deal of century awakened Arab artists

Iran's Cultural Attaché in Lebanon says Arab filmmakers refer to the school of resistance cinema as a glorious school from which they learn. Tehran has been able to act as a gathering place for Muslim filmmakers.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Iran's Cultural Attaché in Lebanon says Arab filmmakers refer to the school of resistance cinema as a glorious school from which they learn. Tehran has been able to act as a gathering place for Muslim filmmakers.

The flow of resistance in the region and in the field of cinema suffers from weaknesses and gaps that need to be eliminated, although good work has recently been done in the field of television, which can be considered a bright spot and a launching pad for the formation of resistance cinema and the ideal of Quds.

Iran's Cultural Attaché to Lebanon, Mr. Khameyar, in an exclusive interview talked about the reason for the low production of Lebanese and other Muslim countries in the fields of resistance and the Islamic world. He said first of all, I must mention that Lebanon is not very strong in the film production industry, on resistance and what is produced has been done with the cooperation of some neighboring countries such as Syria, Palestine and Iran. For instance, films such as "33 Days "directed by Jamal Shoorjeh," Al-Ser Al-Madfoon "(Hidden Secret) directed by Ali Ghaffari, and many others that have been made by Iranian and Syrian filmmakers.

The state of film making in Palestine is much worse and from various political and security perspectives, it is so plagued by so many problems that it is not possible to produce professional films, especially on resistance. Therefore, in the three areas of Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, it should be said that the film industry does not exist in real term and naturally, the area of ​​resistance has not received much attention.

Today, the issue of Quds is a trans-religious, trans-religious and ethnic issue, and in fact, it has become a human issue that is discussed worldwide. The reason is the recent victories in Gaza and the events that took place in Palestine. Western countries, no matter how much they want to hide this fact. The anger of the people of the West over the recent Palestinian issues was so great that it was impossible to hide this great tragedy.

The subject matter of Palestine and Jerusalem is so vast that it is immediately translated and published as soon as a cinematic and artistic work is produced in various fields, and this is a positive point.

The second point is that everything that happened, as the Arab Spring and the Islamic developments in the region, caused the Arab TV series to take on a political color and look, and those who are close to the resistance to start producing.

But the third factor goes back to dividing policy of the West against Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria and Palestine. To explain, I have to say that in the first partition in the Muslim world took place in 1916 after the Balfour Declaration, colonialists such as Britain and France gave the right to hand over Palestine to the Jews.

Mr. Khameyar went on saying that our domestic festivals, such as the Fajr Festival and especially the Resistance Film Festival, have played an important role in creating a circle for resistance filmmakers. Even judges from Arab and Muslim countries came here and were very happy to be present and active in Iran. Our consultants have also been active in presenting and introducing films and filmmakers to these festivals, and we should not say that nothing has been done in this regard.

In my opinion, the Resistance Film Festival has had a better activity in the field of resistance and Palestine, which, of course, should be the case. The Resistance Festival is a hope for countries such as Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, as it has been able to provide a dedicated space for its artists, and on the other hand, it has attracted the attention of all filmmakers without wanting to create competition. In addition, the New Horizon International Conference was able to play an important role in creating this event and invited many artists from the Islamic world and Europe to Iran.


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