Maintain Palmyra whatever it takes

Maintain Palmyra whatever it takes

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - More recently ISIS has been making new attempts to regain control over the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.

Several days ago a number of militants’ convoys tried to approach the eastern suburbs of the city. However the government forces under support of Russian side repulsed this attack and ISIS losses included more than 80 terrorists, 36 vehicles, eight fuel tankers, and 17 pickup trucks mounted with mortars and machine guns.

On May 25, a column of terrorists consisting of more than 40 vehicles, tanks and trucks planned to break through to the city, but was noticed in time and destroyed by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). It is notable, that the terrorists have previously this month attempted to recapture Palmyra but also failed.

Such large-scale attacks by militants can be connected with a successful assault on Raqqa, the self-proclaimed capital of ISIS, which has begun in November 2016. More likely it will be soon totally liberated. So, militants and their field commanders are massively fleeing the city.  Unfortunately Palmyra may become one of their destinations.

The ancient city defense will have a strategic impact for the Syrian High Command. It is unacceptable to allow ISIS to return to the area and regain control over this strategic region.
Otherwise, consequences will be tragic.

It’s obvious that SAA will have to show courage and heroism in order to stop the breakthrough of militants, which can be continued in all possible directions. It should be mentioned, that the Jabal-al-Ruwak mountain chain is located not far from Palmyra, which stretches to the Syrian capital.

Moreover, the strategic T-4 airbase is also not far from Palmyra. A significant part of the Syrian Air Force is based there. The Syrian High Command successfully uses this airbase to cover the troops and to carry out airstrikes on the ISIS positions and gatherings.

In summary it can be said that Bashar Assad should make every possible effort to retain Palmyra whatever it takes. If otherwise the process of political settlement of the crisis in Astana and Geneva will be nullified. At the same time the SAA units’ continuous large-scale offensive east from Palmyra, pushing terrorists deeper into Syrian Desert. Thus, approaching the destruction of ISIS and establishment of peace and stability throughout Syria.

[Written by Firas Samuri]


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