4th round of Syrian peace talks in Astana – next step towards political settlement of Syrian crisis

4th round of Syrian peace talks in Astana – next step towards political settlement of Syrian crisis

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Despite all the provocations of the West in Syria, the fourth round of the Syrian peace talks has kicked off in Astana. The negotiations started with closed bilateral consultations. As known, on May 4, the parties are to hold a plenary session.

The participation of the opposition delegation in the talks became the main intrigue of the current negotiations on Syria. However, Kazakh Foreign Ministry Anuar Zhainakov confirmed all the participants of the talks had arrived in Astana.

The parties are expected to focus on the establishment of a constitutional commission, whose main task will be to develop a new Syrian constitution. It should be mentioned that the establishment of the constitutional commission won't be simple while the High Negotiations Committee categorically refuses to discuss this, insisting on the need for overthrow of Syrian President, Bashar Assad.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian people fully support the idea of the constitutional commission. On Change.org, they published a petition addressing to UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres. The Syrians asked the United Nations to facilitate the immediate creation of the special constitutional commission. They also asked to grant the commission all the powers, including the right to participate in the negotiations as a force independent from the government and opposition. According to the Syrians, it should conduct an analysis of public opinion and proposals of any Syrian citizen, and also work out general provisions for the discussion of the future constitution.

Discussion of a joint operating group for monitoring the ceasefire in Syria will be another important issue of the talks. In addition, the mechanisms for responsibility for the ceasefire violations and the establishment of a working group for the exchange of prisoners also should be discussed.

According to the guarantor countries, the political process for the peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis directly depends on the readiness of all sides to achieve some positive results.

If the participants in the Syrian talks manage to reach a consensus, the meetings in Kazakhstan may be considered highly effective. After all, in addition to the Syrian people, the European people, who have faced a series of blatant terrorist attacks, also realize the necessity of settling the Syrian crisis via the political process.

[Written by Anna Jaunger]


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