Photos: Solidarity with Gaza children in front of Elbit weapons factory of Oldham

AhlulBayt News Agency: Photos of the Elbit weapons factory protest in Oldham of Manchester that centred Palestinian children, so often the victims of Israel's bombings, shootings and house demolitions - and trauma from losing loved ones. Kids wrote messages to them on the railings. They said that we are with them we will never turn our backs.
Sue Piper spoke about her work with the Hands Up project and the difficulties children and their teachers face living in Gaza at the Elbit Arms Factory protest in Oldham on 27th July. 66 children were killed in the last bombardment. This causes intense suffering to their families, teachers and friends. So many children suffer with chronic traumatic stress symptoms and the Hands Up Project helps these kids tell their stories..
She also spoke about the PAFA and about two kids who lost their legs through the occupation. Abdulla, who lost his leg through an unexploded shell and Mohammed whose leg was shot by a sniper. The PAFA does fantastic work with injured children, young people and men’ giving them confidence, self esteem and allowing them to join in sports and recreational activities.

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