Syria: US aggression on civilians flagrant violation of international law

Syria: US aggression on civilians flagrant violation of international law

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed on Wednesday two letters to UN Secretary General and President of the Security Council on the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by US-led international coalition against Syrian innocent civilians.

The Ministry said that warplanes of the alleged coalition continued to target Syrian civilians and destroy infrastructure, in addition to the use of internationally- banned white phosphorus bombs which constitutes a flagrant violation of the rules of the UN Charter and the international law.

“The warplanes of the US-led coalition added a new crime to their criminal record by targeting civilians and infrastructure in Syria on Tuesday 22nd of August through shelling the residential neighborhoods in Raqqa, claiming the lives of 78 civilians, injuring tens others, most of them were women and children and causing huge damage to the local and private properties,” the Ministry said in the letters.

“The Government of the Syrian Arab Republic calls on the Security Council to implement its resolutions on the fight against terrorism, especially resolution no.2253, and to immediately stop the crimes by the coalition against innocent civilians in Syria,” the Ministry added.

It went on to say that the government of the Syrian Arab Republic condemns those crimes perpetrated by the international coalition, adding that Syria reiterates its call on the states which carry out those crimes to withdraw from this “coalition.”


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