Over 300 ISIS terrorists killed by Iraqi forces in Tal Afar

Over 300 ISIS terrorists killed by Iraqi forces in Tal Afar

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Iraqi forces, backed by Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), advanced on in Tal Afar on Thursday, in the fifth day of “Tal Afar, We’re Coming” Operation.

The Joint Operations Command of Iraqi Army said Thursday that operations by Iraqi government forces and allied paramilitary troops in Tal Afar have left 302 ISIS terrorists dead and managed to recapture 31 areas.

Also on Thursday, the PMF pro-government forces said through their media that mobilization and Federal Police forces invaded al-Wahda district, another area northwest of Tal Afar. They had also reported the recapture of al-Basatin neighborhood at the east.

Hours earlier, Federal Police chief Shaker Jawdat had said his forces killed terrorists invading al-Kefah al-Shamali.

Earlier the media office also reported that the allied forces clashed with ISIS terrorists in Al-Wahda neighborhood. Most of the terrorist had withdrew al-Wahda neighborhood to Tal Afar center.

Over the past few days, Iraqi field commanders reported progress on the ground, saying government and paramilitary troops had reached the center of the town. Military media said Wednesday that forces told militants through loudspeakers to either surrender or face death.

Tal Afar is the main remaining ISIS stronghold in northern Iraq, after the capture by Iraqi forces in July of second city Mosul further east in a major blow to the Takfiri insurgents.

In a televised speech early Sunday, Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, dressed in military uniform and standing in front of an Iraqi flag and map of the country, announced “the start of an operation to free Tal Afar”.

“I am saying to ISIS that there’s no choice other than to leave or be killed,” he said.

“We have won all our battles, and ISIS have always lost,” he said, telling his troops: “The entire world is with you.”


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