Muslim scholars call for unity to support Palestine cause

Muslim scholars call for unity to support Palestine cause

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Prominent Muslim scholars urged the international community to unity for the Palestinian cause at an Islamic Arts Festival in South African capital Cape Town.

The festival, intended to foster youth interest in current events in the Muslim world and history of Islam, was attended by Muslim leaders from multiple countries.

Riad Walls, an author at Imam Suyuti Institute of Learning, drew attention to divisions facing Muslims in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Palestine, Yemen, and Syria, calling Muslims to help one another, not only inter-personally but also persecuted groups around the world.

Palestine was a focus of the event, with attention given to both its history and its current situation.

Quds (Jerusalem) Imam Abdurrahman Alexander compared the oppression of Palestinians to the apartheid regime in South Africa, saying, "The people living in Palestine should have the support of the whole world as it is a matter of humanity rather than just a Muslim issue."

The Islamic Art Festival, October 6-8, spotlighted Islamic art, culture, and heritage, with over 400 youth participants.


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