Mohammed bin Salman to deepen connection with Israel

Mohammed bin Salman to deepen connection with Israel

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The newspaper “Haaretz” exposed that Bin Salman contacted Israeli leaders about Al-Aqsa mosque.

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman express his support to the decision-makers in Tel Aviv on the Aqsa Mosque, which reveals the nature of communications between the Kingdom and the Israeli entity.

The voice of Saudi normalization with the Israeli entity has become clearer, especially after the crime of occupation against the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Jerusalemites.

Arab affairs analyst at the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Zvi Bar’el, stopped at the statement issued by the Saudi royal court regarding the opening of the al-Aqsa Mosque, describing him as “the stranger,” wondering at the same time, “who are the leaders who were contacted for Stop Israeli escalation and resolve the crisis. ”

Bar’el spoke of contacts made by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, not his father, because of the “close ties he has with decision-makers in Tel Aviv.” This connection came out of fear of the outbreak of any Palestinian uprising, as if it erupted it would generate public support throughout the Arab and Islamic world, which puts the ruling regimes in the face of those who go out to support Jerusalem and the Aqsa, or will have to pretend that it supports the struggle of the masses in defense of Islamic sanctities, which could undermine the relationship with the Israeli occupiers

The Saudi crawl towards normalization in the framework of the project of Ibn Salman to reach the throne of the kingdom, even if forced to use all weapons, as long as Washington gave him the green light during the visit of the US president to the region, in addition to the secret deal between US President Donald Trump and Ibn Salman to normalize relations With the Israeli entity.

“It is true that Ibn Salman relies on dozens of advisors in all fields, but the madness of greatness inflicts him in inevitable mazes, including the relationship with Tel Aviv,” he said.


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