Launching ballistic missile expressed Yemenis determination of fighting till the end

Launching ballistic missile expressed Yemenis determination of fighting till the end

Yemeni negotiations to reach a political solution to the ongoing US-Saudi aggression have come functionally to a dead end.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The negotiations based upon US former Secretary of State John Kerry’s initiative yielded a zero-sum result. They were sabotaged by the Saudi side. The unsuccessful negotiations held in Muscat were considered a blow to the Omani government’s efforts. But why did the pro Saudi Yemeni side refuse the Weld Ahmad initiative?

It was clear that the UN envoy along with US top diplomat have clearly understood the new developments and that the Saudis and their allies should withdraw from the quagmire they engulfed themselves in. The initiative stated that a new president, a new Vice President should come to office, and a half – half government for every side of the crisis. Those suggestions came as a shock to the pro Saudi side and they over reacted their rejection to the initiative and its outcome.

Now, with the new US administration under trump, a new chapter in the Yemeni crisis has probably started. A situation of uncertainty prevails, though the recent American military intervention in El Baida province gives a strong indication about the US future conduct. Another American stance which should be further investigated is the suggestion of installing of security zones in Yemen. This US suggestion triggered a question mark, especially that Yemen has no refugee problem. Whether this is another sign of the amateurish attitude of the new administration or a reflection of a new policy towards Yemen is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, the recent successful targeting of Elmadina Saudi warship and the launching of the ballistic missile against the Muzahimiyyah Saudi military site in Riyadh are two strong messages from the Yemeni people that they are prepared for all developments. They expressed willingness and determination of fighting till the end. Moreover, they expressed readiness and competence to develop their capabilities though under war, siege and continuous aggression.

Any illusion that the enemies of the Yemeni people can break the unshakable decision to continue fighting will prove futile. The only solution is that the aggressors come back to their senses and realize that the political solution is their only and sole option; otherwise, the continuation of aggression will bring them more devastating results, loss, and humiliating defeat.


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