Jordan MPs demand closure of Israeli embassy in Amman

Jordan MPs demand closure of Israeli embassy in Amman

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Following an "Israeli" shooting that left two Jordanians dead last month, some 78 Jordanian members of parliament had signed a motion demanding the closure of the "Israeli" embassy in Amman.

The motion, submitted on Tuesday, also demanded that the Jordanian ambassador leave the "Israeli" entity immediately in order "to express rejection of the Jordanian government's handling of the issue and returning the killer to ‘Israel'", according to Maan news agency.

"Jordanian blood and Jordanians' dignity are not cheap and the government was supposed to stand for the right of the blood that was shed and maintain their dignity strongly and firmly," the motion read.

Deputy Khalid Ramadan Awada added that further action would be taken if the government did not respond to their demands.

The petition comes a week after hundreds of people protested outside the "Israeli" embassy in Amman calling for the cancellation of Jordan's so-called peace treaty with the "Israeli" entity known as "Wadi Araba".

Tensions had been high since the Jordanian government returned the shooter to Tel Aviv, followed by the release of images of "Israeli" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcoming the soldier. Jordan's King Abdullah had since demanded that the guard be tried for murder.


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