Interpol declares Palestine as full member

Interpol declares Palestine as full member

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - In a significant diplomatic defeat for the Zionist entity, the world's largest international police organization on Wednesday accepted the State of Palestine as a full member.

At Interpol's annual General Assembly in Beijing, the Palestinians' membership bid was accepted with 75 counties voting "yes," 24 voting "no," and 34 abstaining.

Meanwhile, the Zionist entity fiercely objected to the Palestinians joining Interpol. The US administration, too, objected to Ramallah's membership bid, and helped ‘Israel' lobby against it.

Minutes after the vote, the Palestine Liberation Organization celebrated the vote on its Twitter account, writing: "Over 75% of #INTERPOL members just voted in support of #Palestine's full membership. Congratulations! Alf Mabrouk #Palestine! #Thankyou."

The vote can be seen as a bitter defeat for the ‘Israeli' diplomatic efforts.
For its part, the ‘Israel' Police declined to comment on the inclusion of Palestine in Interpol or how the move may affect ‘Israeli' cooperation with the international body.

Last year, ‘Israel' prevented the Palestinians from joining Interpol, with 62 members of the Executive Committee voting to postpone the request.

The PA's first request in 2015 was rejected by Interpol on the grounds that it was submitted too late for discussion by that year's assembly.

Interpol, the world's biggest international organization after the United Nations, enables member states to exchange intelligence and to work together to find ways to cope with international crime, from terrorism to human trafficking.


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