Deputy SG of al-Nujaba: World Resistance Army will be formed / We should overthrow House of Saud

Deputy SG of al-Nujaba: World Resistance Army will be formed / We should overthrow House of Saud

Saying that we are forming a world Resistance army, Dr “Yusef al-Naseri” stressed the necessity for the elimination of the submissive regimes such as Saudi Arabia from the regional equations.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Saying that we are forming a world Resistance army, Dr “Yusef al-Naseri” stressed the necessity for the elimination of the submissive regimes such as Saudi Arabia from the regional equations.
According to the report of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Media and Relations Office in Iran, the deputy secretary general of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance, invited by Al-Mayadeen, attended the broadcast studio of this satellite channel and answered the questions asked.
Regarding the Iraqi parliamentary election, Hujjat al-Islam “Yusef al-Naseri” stated, “we, al-Nujaba, didn’t enter the election campaigns, however we defend the Iraqi political system and meanwhile, we ask for the fight against corruption and the election of the competent people. Besides, we stand against the ISIS-supporting politicians who supported terrorism and let the group and terrorism in”.
Pointing to the many issues raised around the possibility of rigging in the election, he described this issue as an evidence of the widespread corruption among the middle class of the Iraqi politicians and added, “unfortunately, about 60 percent of the Iraqi people avoided the participation in the election so as to punish the current governing politicians. We call for a revolutionary popular movement for cleansing the government, the corrupt people will take Iraq to destruction and thus they should be eradicated”.
The top official of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance announced, “we back every noble figure who is introduced for the prime minister post, but no one is intended by al-Nujaba in this respect”.
In another part of the interview, Dr al-Naseri said, “that al-Nujaba is on the black list of the Great Satan, is “the cause of pride” for us”, and then stressed, “we are a part of the “the Noble Axis” that, within a broad battle, is standing against the “Evil Exis”, the cause of world’s destruction”.
Stressing the concern of the Iraqi Shiites to the strategy of unity, he pointed out, “100 Shiite clergies were martyred in the liberation operations of the Sunni-resided regions; however no Sunni clergy was martyred in this regard. It is an evidence of the true altruism, unity and solidarity among all the Iraqi religious sects”.
Regarding the approximation affairs, he added, “My dream is that the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces become the Iraqi army and the present army joins it, as the said group is highly powerful and some of our military equipment are more advanced than those owned by the Iraqi Ministry of Defence”.
About the relation with the Resistance Axis, Sheikh Yusef al-Naseri said, “currently, this axis is formed with Iran in its centre, and we see a world Resistant army is being formed, an army to which non-Muslim and non-Arabs, including people from Cuba, Venezuela and the Latin America should join. We are on the verge of a new war between the oppressed and the world oppressors”.
He continued, “as Imam Khomeini called for the formation of the Oppressed Party for the liberation of the holy Quds, the first step to the liberation of Palestine is the formation of a world army that all the world nobles are its members. al-Nujaba is also a part of the Resistance Axis and it is an honour for it to be present wherever the Resistance deems required”.
The head of the Iraqi League of Muslim Scholars added, “the Resistance Axis has been formed through the heavenly direction of the Islamic Revolution leader, and especially by the Revolutionary Corps, and through the participation of all the Islamic Resistance groups, however the governments of the region pose obstacles before its activities. We should eliminate those regimes which are submissive to Israel”.
Pointing to the subservient regimes of the region, Dr al-Naseri pointed out, “indeed they are the armies that defend Israel in the front line of the battlefield, and Palestine won’t be liberated unless they are defeated”.
Explicitly criticising the House of Saud, he said, “Saudi Arabia, backing all the terrorist groups and preventing from the democratic changes in the region, is the main hindrance to the move towards the liberation of Palestine and it defends Israel with all its strength. Who does pay the cost of all the killings in the region today? Who does encourage Israel to attack Iran and pay the costs of such attacks? Who does fight against the Yemeni nation on the behalf of the Zionists?... It is Saudi Arabia”.
The official of the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces added, “many Arab regimes are reluctant about the liberation of Palestine and we may have to overthrow some of them. However, the cause of region’s problems is the House of Saud which is more dangerous than the Zionists. In order to perform prayer simultaneously both in Quds and Mecca and Medina, we have to overthrow the system ruling in Saudi Arabia”.
Finally Sheikh Yusef al-Naseri in his talk to Al-Mayadeen stressed, 99 percent of the Muslims don’t consider Wahhabism as a part of Islam. It is developed and raised by the Zionists, England and the US. The House of Saud and Wahhabism paid the cost of Sunnis’ massacre and fought against the Egyptian Army for 80 years. It was “Malik Saud” who presented Palestine to Zionists.

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