Hezbollah condemns Kandahar mosque attack, US seeking revenge for defeat in Afghanistan

Hezbollah condemns Kandahar mosque attack, US seeking revenge for defeat in Afghanistan

Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement condemned Friday’s deadly blasts at a Shia mosque in Afghanistan’s Kandahar.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Hezbollah comments on the explosion that hit a mosque in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and accuses the US of wreaking havoc in retaliation for its failed occupation.

Hezbollah commented on the explosion that targeted a mosque in Kandahar on Friday.

The party said that "Once again, ISIS, the Wahhabi terrorist organization commits a brutal massacre," adding that the continuing killings by this "criminal organization" require a broad and rapid response across the nation.

In a statement, Hezbollah indicated that Afghanistan's Muslim authorities have a special responsibility to pursue the killers and take proactive steps to prevent them from carrying out other crimes.

It called on the Afghan authorities to ensure the necessary protection for worshipers and to prevent leaving mosques as easy targets for US-backed groups.

Hezbollah accused the US of creating chaos and destruction in retaliation for the failure of its occupation in Afghanistan.

For its part, the Iranian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the terrorist attack and warned against conspiracies that aim to divide the Islamic nation.

It also stressed the need for unity between Shias and Sunnis and the renunciation of violence and extremism in the name of Islam.

The explosion resulted in at least 41 martyrs and 45 injured, according to AFP.

It came just a week after a bomb attack claimed by the terrorist group killed more than 150 people and left score of others injured at a Shia mosque in the northeastern city of Kunduz.


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