After tripartite summit of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan;

Pres. Rouhani: Summit of Iranian, Russian, Azerbaijani presidents based on friendship

Pres. Rouhani: Summit of Iranian, Russian, Azerbaijani presidents based on friendship

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - President Rouhani said in a press conference after the tripartite summit of the presidents of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan: "The three countries aim to build closer ties and take advantage of the capacities of the three countries on the path to economic development and the interests of the nations of Iran, Russia and the Republic of Azerbaijan".

Thanking the presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan for their presence in Tehran, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: "The summit of the Presidents of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan is based on the friendship and neighbourhood of the three countries, and this friendship, closeness and geographical and cultural affinity, has made us more determined to make better use of the capacities of the three countries".

Referring to the decisions made at the Baku-Tehran summits, including in the area of ​​transit between the three countries and the Eurasian region, Dr Rouhani said: "Within the framework of this transit route, we will connect north to south, and our decision is to connect Bandar Abbas to Helsinki, connecting Asia to Europe and our route is through Azerbaijan, Russia and Eastern and Northern Europe".

"We also want to deepen relations in the field of road and maritime connections," the president added, saying that the three countries on the Caspian Sea coast should use this sea as a sea of ​​peace for the countries of the region and also the sea of ​​development to use the capacities of coastal development.

Dr Rouhani described energy as another potential for deepening ties between the three countries and said: "Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan, with huge reserves of oil and gas and the good position in the region and the world, should have their own technological cooperation for the production and extraction of oil and gas in this region as well as joint investments in energy and other fields".

The president also announced a joint program to connect three countries' electricity networks, saying: "Our electricity needs to be connected so that we can use electricity of the three countries at different times".

The third meeting of the presidents of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan will be hosted by Moscow next year, the president added.

Dr Rouhani also highlighted regional issues as another focal point of the presidents of the three countries and said: "Closer relations and the role of the three countries in the stability and security of the region, in particular the fight against terrorism, were discussed at the meeting".

"It is important for Iran and Russia to cooperate in the establishment of stability and security, and in the fight against terrorism, especially in Syria, and the tripartite cooperation of Iran, Turkey and Russia, which is being pursued in Astana," he continued.

The president added: "At the summit, all three countries emphasised regional cooperation for regional peace and stability and the fight against terrorism, drugs and organized crime".

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev also said at the press conference that trilateral negotiations between Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan were successful, saying: "Relations between the three countries are being successfully pursued and we expect a good future for this cooperation".

Russian President Vladimir Putin, also expressed satisfaction with the talks between Iranian, Russian and Azerbaijani presidents, and said: "I am confident that these cordial and transparent meetings will bring important results and benefits for our nations".

Referring to the meeting with Dr Rouhani on regional security, he also said that the two presidents discussed Iran's nuclear issue and the Syrian issue, saying: "Our cooperation with Iran, especially in the Syrian issue, is very fruitful, and through our cooperation with Iran and Turkey, the fight against terrorism in Syria is going well".


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