Kuwaiti Scholar: Imam Khomeini to be remembered in history

Kuwaiti Scholar: Imam Khomeini to be remembered in history

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - “Imam Khomeini was among the rare figures throughout the history, whose views should be implemented and his personality, explored,” said a Kuwaiti scholar.

Imam Khomeini and his successful revolution are among the cases that will be remembered in history’s memory, as his path is a guide for all people, Iman Shamsuddin said.

She asserted that Imam Khomeini’s successful leadership and historical achievements in Iran are firm immortal steps, the impressions of which were passed down to the following generations.

“In the pre-Islamic revolution arena, Imam Khomeini did not sit idly, rather he led a nation and created an example for other countries and peoples, despite all the measures the regime took to contain his activities,” the Kuwaiti female writer said.

'Independence and freedom, as two main pivots of Imam Khomeini’s movement, became the main goals of the other nations struggling for freedom.'

She added that the leader of Islamic revolution cleared the way for the overthrow of all other corrupt figures and courtiers of the former regime of Shah.


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