Iran to file complaint to UN over Haley’s accusations: Zarif

Iran to file complaint to UN over Haley’s accusations: Zarif

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Iran is set to submit its complaint against US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley’s baseless claims, Iranian foreign minister was quoted saying.

“Iran will send its letter of complaint to the United Nations,” Mohammad Javad Zarif reportedly wrote in an email to Russian News Agency Sputnik on Sunday.

The US ambassador to the United Nations showed what she claimed to be parts of missiles launched on Saudi Arabia, accusing Iran of providing Yemen army with missiles.

After allegations on the delivery of Iran's ballistic missiles and its components or technology to Yemen, the UN examined the debris of missiles fired to Saudi Arabia on July 22 and November 4, 2017. The world body has so far achieved no absolute results on the fired missile, Sputnik reported.

Zarif said on Saturday that the US raises baseless allegations against Iran by showing a piece of metal. The US claims are aimed at covering up its presence in the region and actions which can be mainly regarded as war crimes, he added.

There is no doubt that Ms. Haley had no evidence to support her claims, the foreign minister said, adding that one of the objectives behind these remarks was to divert attention from Trump's decision to relocate US embassy from Tel Aviv to holy Quds.

He said that the claims are being made by a government that provides Saudi Arabia with cluster bombs which has killed children and elderly in Yemen.

The siege of Yemen has caused the worst famine and hunger and the spread of diseases in Yemen so that some 700,000 cases of cholera have been witnesses so far in the country, Zarif said.

The United States and the UK have so far sold billions of dollars weaponry namely Cluster munition to Saudi Arabia to kill oppressed and innocent people of Yemen.

The global community especially the Human Rights Watch has remained tight-lipped vis-a-vis these crimes while the Saudi Arabia is ironically a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council.


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