Imam Khamenei urges new moves to contain COVID19

Imam Khamenei urges new moves to contain COVID19

Imam Khamenei met with members of the National Committee on Combating COVID-19 today, October 24, 2020, in the Hussainiyah of Imam Khomeini.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Imam Khamenei met with members of the National Committee on Combating COVID-19 today, October 24, 2020, in the Hussainiyah of Imam Khomeini.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized this Saturday that in some countries such as the US, the worst management ever for stopping the spread of the Coronavirus has been witnessed.

In a meeting with President Rouhani and members of the National Committee on Combating COVID-19, His Eminence expressed his gratitude for the performance of the National Committee, saying, “In some countries like America, they have had the worst management in facing COVID-19. But we should try to overcome this pandemic, which is affecting people’s lives, health, security and the economy, with the best possible management.”

Imam Khamenei stated that the reason for this meeting, which was being held at the invitation of the President, was the regrettable situation of COVID-19 in the country, the necessity for increased efforts and the need to adopt new measures to combat this virus. He added, “Of course, the essence of this matter and its autumn peak is something that is plaguing the whole world, not just Iran.”

He stated that correct, proper management lies in decisive decisions being made by the government, convincing the public opinion, and cooperation between all sectors as well as the cooperation of the people. He added, “Of course, such cooperation is not particular to Corona, rather it should be witnessed in all matters, particularly political matters. Because a country that has a strong nation, a new system and new ideas will naturally face important issues both on an international and a domestic level.”

Stressing the need for unity and solidarity inside the country, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to some people’s actions in confronting the administration and the President himself, saying, “Although there are good brothers among the critics, that was a wrong action and I wish to announce this openly.”

Imam Khamenei stressed, “You may have legitimate criticisms and it is alright to express them, but criticizing is different from insulting and denigrating. Such behavior and denigrating is the American method, which they use in their debates and in their propaganda. They have disgraced themselves to such an extent that one of their prominent politicians has said that the world looks at them with apprehension and scorn.”

His Eminence also stated, “However, our way is based on Islam and the Qur’an. In other words, one can criticize, but one should not denigrate others in doing so.”

After making this important point, His Eminence returned to the subject of Corona and stated that the decisions made regarding Corona and the people’s health, security and livelihood may not be completely compatible with one another. He emphasized, “Since the security and economic aspects of this issue originate from the disease itself, the priority and basis in decision-making is the people’s health.”

Expressing his gratitude to the National Committee on Combating COVID-19 and the organizations affiliated with it, he described the performance of the health and medical professionals of the country as being extremely brilliant and Jihad in the way of God. He also made some recommendations.

The necessity of immediately establishing an operational center to implement the decisions made by the National Committee on Combating COVID-19 was the first recommendation made by His Eminence.

The next recommendation was to give a pivotal role to the Ministry of Health in being the prime decision maker in determining the nature of the restrictions to be imposed.

Imam Khamenei added, “When the Ministry of Health determines what these restrictions are, other organizations should observe and impose them without taking any other considerations into account.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution went on to say, “Controlling points of entry to the country, imposing restrictions on unnecessary travel between cities, convincing the people, and imposing strict regulations concerning public transportation and pubic environments are some examples of such restrictions. The main responsibility for imposing these regulations and supervising their implementation is with the Supreme National Security Council and the Police Force.”

“Raising public awareness about how the disease spreads and ways of prevention using local resources such as mosques and the Basij, giving a central role to the Ministry of Health and asking for the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the IRIB” and “the necessity of designating strict punishments for those who violate the health protocols” were other recommendations made by the Supreme Leader to the officials of the National Committee on Combating COVID-19.

Pointing to the fact that some people may face a worsening of their economic situation with the imposition of such regulations, Imam Khamenei said, “The administration must introduce some support measures. In addition, charities and people should also take action and help the needy, because this is one of the best deeds and one of the best ways for getting close to God.”

His Eminence pointed to the necessity of combatting the disease from the start and added, “According to the experts, if those who are infected are identified in the first or second day, and if steps are taken quickly to treat them, the number of victims will decrease considerably. This is a very necessary task.”

Stressing the necessity of hiring the workforce needed by the Ministry of Health, Imam Khamenei also sincerely and wholeheartedly appreciated the researchers’ efforts to develop new medicines & a vaccine for fighting COVID-19.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution recommended and stressed that the National Committee on Combating COVID-19 should have a single, united voice.

His Eminence stated, “Great endeavors are being made in the country, and with God’s grace, no event has been able to stop the Islamic Republic. However, we should eliminate these obstacles, which slow down the movement, as soon as possible.”

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