Imam Khamenei: Lack of security to disrupt important values of country

Imam Khamenei: Lack of security to disrupt important values of country

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei pointed to the significance of safeguarding the country’s security.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei pointed to the significance of safeguarding the country’s security.

The joint graduation ceremony for the cadets studying in the academies of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Armed Forces, was held on Monday by way of a videoconference between Imam Khamenei - the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces - and the commanders and certain military units who were present in the event. The event was held in Imam Ali (pbuh) Officer’s Academy with only a number of the exemplary units from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army, Guard Corps and Police in attendance due to special conditions brought about by the prevalence of Covid-19.

In this videoconference, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the statements of the US President who has expressed his joy at having interfered in the economic affairs of Iran and committing crimes against the Iranian nation, saying, “Only scoundrels like you could feel proud of committing such crimes.”

His Eminence stated, “A strong defense is one of the elements of our national strength. If we consider there to be three main pillars for a country’s national strength, they are: ‘Economic strength and stability,’ ‘Cultural capability and harmony’ and ‘a strong defense.’ A strong defense is vital to the strength of every nation. If nations do not have a strong defense, then those who are in pursuit of transgressing against and taking advantage of other nations and wish to interfere in their affairs – countries such as the US and other such countries – will not leave them alone. They will attack everything these nations have. You can see today what transgressions are being committed against countries throughout the world.”

He stated that the reason these prattling thugs in the US keep ranting and raving about the defensive, regional and missile capabilities of Iran is the Islamic Republic’s precise, wise calculations in achieving such capabilities. He added, “Their prattling is the result of their fear and their backwardness in this area. Without taking heed of the impression that they are trying to create, we should preserve our system of reasonable calculations, and with God’s grace, the Islamic Republic will continue to move forward in all these areas.”

Imam Khamenei described cultural matters to be another element of national strength, stressing, “When the issue of confronting cultural invasion arose, the enemy anxiously steered its propaganda efforts toward this issue because it is afraid of the people awakening and the people’s efforts to confront cultural invasion.”

Referring to economic strength and stability as the third pillar of national strength, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, “It has frequently been said that the remedy to our economic problems is concentrating on production, preventing the continuous devaluation of the national currency and blocking the way for smuggling, unnecessary imports and financial corruption.”

Referring to the happiness of the US President at having disrupted the economic affairs of the country and committing crimes against the Iranian nation, Imam Khamenei said, “Only scoundrels like you take pride in committing such crimes.”

His Eminence stressed, “Today the US is in a dire situation due to its budget deficit of billions of dollars and also due to the existence of tens of millions of hungry people below the poverty line. However, with God’s grace, the Iranian nation will overcome the problems it is facing with the power of its faith, its national determination and despite the foolish desires of the vicious, treacherous, criminal politicians in the US. And they will use the sanctions as a means for strengthening the economy of the country.”

He emphasized that the remedy for the country’s problems lies inside the country and added, “Although many of our problems are related to international issues, their remedy exists inside the country. The remedy consists of relying on correct calculations, adopting the right outlook concerning the affairs of the country and the region, and benefiting from wisdom, diligence and firm determination. The remedy should not be sought outside the country because we will not gain anything from foreigners. Moreover, the commotion created by the thugs dominating the US nation should not occupy anyone’s thoughts.”

In expressing his gratitude to the health and medical professionals and to the devoted physicians and nurses, Imam Khamenei stated that the causalities resulting from the third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country are truly painful. He demanded that obeying the regulations in dealing with this disease should be made mandatory.

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