Eight Muslim women to select in "4th Goharshad World Prize"

Eight Muslim women to select in

The closing ceremony of the 4th Goharshad World Prize has been held in the Quds auditorium of the holy shrine, during which eight Iranian and foreign Muslim women were selected according to the eight criteria.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): The closing ceremony of the 4th Goharshad World Prize has been held in the Quds auditorium of the holy shrine, during which eight Iranian and foreign Muslim women were selected according to the eight criteria.

The criteria included sacrifice and martyrdom, resistance and Islamic awakening, cultural and artistic trendsetting, endowment and charity, medical and construction services, scientific, educational and research affairs and management and entrepreneurship.

“Today, Muslim women, are true advocates of Islamic society and in the fields of education, sacrifice and martyrdom, they move and work alongside men. They benefit from awakening and religious, political and social awareness by following the pure Muhammadi and Imam Khomeini thoughts,” Yasmin Hosnat, an Afghan woman said.

Referring to the fact that she attended the conference, representing all the oppressed people of Afghanistan, in particular the forbearing and heroine women of her country, she admitted that by receiving this prize, she calls herself the servant of Imam Reza (AS) and this position makes her responsibility more difficult and more sensitive.

“Definitely, recognizing hardworking and industrious women... empowers us to continue our path with more motivation and effort, because they were able to achieve this position by observing Islamic principles and all requirements of a Muslim woman,” Seyyedeh Azam Hosseini, the author of the book “Da” said.

She added that her book is so far reprinted 157 times and translated into five languages: English, Arabic, Urdu, Bosnian, and Turkish which reflects the interest of the people in the Sacred Defense and memoirs of the Iraq imposed war.

“Many Western countries have slogans for defending women’s rights or women’s freedom, but in practice, they violate the rights,” Seyyedeh Robab Zeidi from Lucknow, India, noted.

She said her activities include speaking to the seminary and university women, teaching religious sciences, teaching Quran to children, establishment of dormitories for female seminary students, holding mourning gatherings in Muharram and holding Quranic meetings, and added that she is thankful that Imam Reza (AS) has considered her worthy to receive the prize, which she sees it as a sign of Imam’s attention.

Fatima Haqirsadat, was another winner counted among the first to have PhD in the field of Nano-biotechnology saying, “A team from America and Netherlands who worked for cancer treatment, elected me to cooperate and my only condition to attend was keeping my hijab.”

She then added that many invitations from foreign countries are offered to her for work and research; however, she gives them all the negative responses because she would love to work for her people and register all her researches in the name of Iran.

Shahnaz Ebadani, another lady among the renters said, “I met with ladies who work in different social-cultural fields, and there is a friendly and interactive atmosphere between us, which can be the source of many blessings.”

She is the head of “Mohaddes” charity organization (Institute for the support of Samen al-Aemeh students) in Tehran, and expressed that the institution is in the holy name of Imam Reza working in the field of helping poor students who are orphans or badly supervised.

Hela (Rokhsareh) Kiti, a former Christian from Myanmar who so far has written 20 articles on Islam and Qur’anic subjects says that she succeeded to translate Sahifeh Sajjadieh, the valuable book of Imam Sajjad (AS) into Burmese.

“Thank God, it is more than eighteen years that I have been converted to Islam. Islam is the religion of freedom and thought. The teachings of the Islamic religion focus on all the needs of human life. I am grateful that in the vicinity of the holy shrine I started to learn the divine teachings,” she commented.

Dr. Nafiseh Saqafi, who is recognized as one of the leading women in scientific and humanitarian activities in the field of medicine stressed that with the holding of this conference, the memory of Lady Goharshad will be celebrated as a generous and munificent human.

“Being chosen, rather than giving me a sense of happiness brings more responsibility. Because now I feel a keener sense of duty. God willing, I will reach the real goals of this conference through more struggle,” she noted.

Zeynab Issa, a member of the Women’s Resistance Front from Nigeria, and and mother of six martyrs expressed her delight to be amidst the prominent, pious and revolutionary ladies, who each, in terms of influence can be a model for Muslim women.

“It is narrated that the prophet of Islam (pbuh) in the virtue of the pilgrimage of Imam Reza (AS) says: ‘Every sad man who makes the pilgrimage, God will expel sorrow from his heart, and every sinner who makes the pilgrimage, God forgives their sins,’” she remarked.

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