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Hands off Al Quds!

Hands off Al Quds!

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Ms. Zahra Tabasum, a British poet, presented a poem in the description of Palestine to ABNA News Agency. We also present this poem to the Palestinian people and readers of ABNA.

Hands off Al Quds!
From the river to the sea Palestine will be free!
I am the tear that drops from the eyes of the child,
That grew up under olive trees, where we once ran wild,
Now i seek the days when the air was clean,
Which has been replaced, with white phosporus, stinging so mean,
I am the tear now growing old, in these crimpled eyes,
As my generation matures whiter & wise,
Behind these damp eyes, is a lifetime of resistance, from the theives,
The thives who stole our land, from our hands & tore our sleeves,
They continously fired bullets killing our young, both woman and man 
We replied with jewels, from our mother land, pellet upon pellet, timelessly the armoured cowards fled & ran,
Our tears over flow, but not in vain,
Thoroughout our lives we have risen up again & again,
Our rivers flow from our hearts to our eyes,
The world now witnesses a new demise,
The demise is now of Zionism, digging up its own grave,
As they are Announcing Al Quds, the capital of Israel,
For now you have awoken, the sleeping lions,
Our tears have emerged into one sea of defiance,
This sea of sentiments, of our history you have just shook,
How dare you claim, our oldest sacred sanctity, foretold in our holiest book,
The heart of every Muslim, burns now with rage,
Mr Trump you have just torn, the last of the peace pact page!
In our thousands, in our Millions we are all Palestinians,
I am the tear of that each and every eye.
That has been watching too long Palestinians die,
Yet Palestine will live, now stronger than ever before,
For you have broken her each & everydoor,
Those doors all now open ajjar,
Have  just welcomed humanity from both near and far.
Zionism will never survive,on  false foundations based on your lies!
Al Quds is not just the Palestinian heartbeat,
It is the sanctuary where Prophet Muhammed felt His creator's heat,
It is the historical hotspot where Islam awoke,
It is not your game, for foul mouths, these are our holy lands, where  virtious prophets spoke,
No entity has the right to displace the Arabs from their homes,
The home of is where three major religions live,
Are not up for grabs or free to give,
The tears now flow free with hope,
As we all hold tight together unto Allahs rope.
We all raise our hands to win back our rights,
For we all stand together for The Palestinian plight,
Al Quds is ours you will see,
Palestine will be free,
Yes Palestine will be free!
By Zahra Tabasum

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