Sayyed Nasrallah’s full speech on November 20

Sayyed Nasrallah’s full speech on November 20

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Televised speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Monday November 20, 2017, in which he tackled the latest developments.

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil. In the Name of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi al-Qassem Mohammad, and upon his chaste and pure household, and upon his chosen companions, and upon all messengers and prophets.

Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

A number of important developments took place in the past few days that required of me to address you tonight. However, before I start, I must recall the great and solemn occasions from our Islamic history so as to offer our condolences. In the last days of the month of Safar - which is over now - we mark the anniversary of the decease of the great Prophet of Allah, the Master of Messengers, and the Seal of Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Mohammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him and his household).

On this occasion, I address all Muslims worldwide and ask Allah Almighty to make us from among his followers who really believe in him and act according to his teachings and recommendations and truly defend his divine, noble, and great religion. We also ask Allah Almighty to resurrect us with him and grant us his intercession on the Day of Judgment.

The final days of Safar also contain the martyrdom of two great and dear Imams from among the Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them): Imam Hassan ibn Ali ibn Abi Taleb al-Mujtaba (peace be upon them), and Imam Ali ibn Musa ibn Jafar al-Ridha (peace be upon them).

Here also we extend all our condolences to all Muslims and all the devotees of Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them) on these solemn and sad occasions.

Second, as this is my first speech following the earthquake that hit Kermanshah province in Iran and some areas inside Iraqi territories - though the harsh and (more) destructive repercussions occurred inside Iranian territories, leading to a great number of casualties and wounded and the destruction of houses and infrastructure - it is my obligation to offer my condolences and express my solace to all the brethren in Iran: His Eminence, the Leader Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali al-Khamenei (may Allah prolong his life), our reverred religious authorities in Qum and Iran, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sheikh Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian government, the parliament, and the Iranian people, especially the residents of Kermanshah Province, the families of the victims, the wounded, and those who lost their homes and wealth. I ask Allah Almighty to have mercy on those who passed away, and we pray for a quick recovery of the wounded and for long lives for everyone, hoping that the Islamic Republic would overcome this catastrophe.

We all witnessed the direct attendance and the special care of His Eminence, the (officials) within the leadership, and the officials in Iran, as well as the direct attendance of the President of the Republic, and the ministers, from the very first days. Today also His Eminence Imam Khamenei attended in Kermanshah. We witnessed the active response of the state apparatuses and the marvelous popular rising (to help). That's because aid (that was provided) was not limited to the state - in fact, the Iranian people rose in unison. We watch on TV screens long caravans and processions heading towards the quake-hit zone. Here Iran is offering to the world an example of the relationship of its people among themselves, regardless of their different ethnicities, races, and religious and factional affiliations. It is also providing a role model of the relationship between the state and this people, and the relationship of this people with this state. We have a dire need for such an example in the Arab world and the Islamic world.

Likewise, I offer all the brethren in Iraq - the religious authority, the leadership, the government, and the people - our condolences for the victims who fell in Iraq, and express our solace with the wounded, and our sorrow for the losses that were afflicted upon them. We ask Allah Almighty to assist everyone to overcome this catastrophe.

The developments which I want to tackle come under two broad titles before I wrap up my speech with local affairs.

Under the first topic comes the great military development that took place in the past week on the Iraqi side of the Iraqi-Syrian borders, as well as on the Syrian side of the Iraqi-Syrian border. On the Iraqi side, we will tackle the battle and the confrontation with ISIS. This is the first topic.

Under the second topic, I would like to comment on the Arab foreign ministers' meeting yesterday and the stances (expressed), as well as the statement issued at the end of the conference.

Under the first topic comes that which we witnessed last week in the Iraqi territories. The last Iraqi city - the last Iraqi province - was liberated. The province there is similar to the (notion of a) province here in Lebanon. It is a group of cities and towns with a common administration. The last Iraqi province - the last Iraqi city - was liberated from the control of ISIS. It is the city of Rawa, and consequently, the Iraqi government announced that ISIS does not control any city or province or neighborhood in Iraq any longer. The ISIS members who remained fled to the deserts or some farms or hid in some places or towns. However, in general, on the demographic level, it is supposed that ISIS as a military structure, as a military presence, and as an organization has come to an end in the cities, towns, provinces, neighborhoods, and the like. Indeed, this is a very great and important achievement. The Iraqi troops are now deployed on the Iraqi-Syrian borders and al-Qaim crossing point. Rawa is behind al-Qaim, and it witnessed this achievement.

Indeed, we are looking forward to the absolute end of this battle and the final cleansing, and the day on which the Iraqi government will announce the final and complete victory over ISIS is soon to come.

However, there are some common points which I want to say about both Iraq and Syria in a while.

Here in particular, from the very beginning of the conspiracy of ISIS on Iraq and in coordination with the brethren in the Iraqi government then and the concerned sides in Iraq, we sent a great number of our jihadi cadres and leaders. Indeed, in Iraq, they were not in need for fighters, they were rather in need of operations leaders, (military) trainers, and experts, and we dispatched a great number from the very beginning. During these confrontations over the years, martyrs and wounded fell, and we consider that we made a humble contribution.

Anyway, in light of this development in the Iraqi field and while awaiting the announcement of the final victory God willing, we along with the brethren there will reconsider (our) stance. If we find out that things are over and there is no more need for the presence of these brethren there, they will return to join any other battlefield which the resistance leadership asks them to join. Consequently, as far as Iraq is concerned, we as Hezbollah - and in terms of our presence - are before a new phase as the mission is done and over now.

There is another mission which was also achieved. We consider that this mission has been achieved. However, we are awaiting the announcement of the final Iraqi victory - God willing we will take the required steps. This has nothing to do with the statement of the Arab foreign ministers or any other statement. It has to do with ISIS which was afflicted with the required defeat, and there is no need any more for the presence of this number of Hezbollah jihadi leaders and cadres in Iraq.

On the other side of the border, we have the Albukamal battle. I with tackle this point extensively and with much detail. Today, we are before a very great military development according to all norms and standards. The importance of the issue is in Albukamal, before we tackle the issue of ISIS as a whole.

First, Albukamal is the last city controlled by ISIS, not only in Syria, but rather in Syria and Iraq. In fact, after Rawa comes Albukamal. So ISIS does not control any more cities, whether in Iraq or in Syria or indeed in Lebanon. ISIS had aspirations in Lebanon and wanted to reach cities in the Lebanese interior. However, now there is no city in our region which is controlled by ISIS. So this issue has to do with the victory, which has to do with Albukamal.

The second remark is on the importance of Albukamal. It is a border city on the internationally recognized international crossing point of al-Qaim. Consequently, the connection between Syria and Iraq has been achieved and in a natural way. Syria does not need to create a crossing point on the eastern border or the southern border in the desert. This is a historic, international crossing point which is today from this side under the control of the Syrian troops, and from that side under the control of the Iraqi troops.

So the connection took place, and this is what the US administration took pains to prevent completely from taking place throughout past months.

The third point concerning Albukamal is that this achievement - this victory - fortifies the unity of Syria. Following the battles in Aleppo, Deir az-Zour, and al-Mayadeen, the battles have been wrapped up in Albukamal to indicate that the partition scheme for Syria has failed, and that it has no future or horizons in Syria.

The fourth point which we must be stressed upon here and which joins the Iraqi achievement and the Syrian achievement, is the end of the state of ISIS. Today Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq - the sides which have the right to talk about this issue - may say that with the liberation of Albukamal, the state of ISIS has fallen. However, to be right and precise, that does not mean that the ISIS organization has come to an end. (Rather), that the alleged fictional caliphate state of ISIS, which includes an environment, land, cities, states, leaders, princes, divans, ministries, ministers, rules, educational curricula in schools, and a special currency has come to an end.

We can say today that with the liberation of the last pocket or neighborhood or street or house in the city of Albukamal, history can record the end of the state of ISIS. Here lies the importance of this achievement in Albukamal.

Well, the organization of ISIS, and consequently the intellect of ISIS and the terrorist Wahhabi groups, still exist in Iraq and some of the deserts, ranches, and perhaps valleys. Indeed some hid in houses and villages and are trying to form sleeper cells. So this threat still exists, however as a security terrorist (threat) and not in the structure of a state (threat) as it used to claim. In Syria, ISIS still exists in some towns and on the eastern and western banks of the Euphrates River, and in some parts of the Syrian territories. They still exist in the Yarmouk Basin area, in the neighborhood of the city of Damascus and the Yarmouk Camp and some neighborhoods. However, we can say that with the liberation of Albukamal, the state - with its structure - would have come to an end. I stop here, and in the future, I may say more on this issue, when we reach the point in which the Iraqis will announce their victory over ISIS, and the Syrian leadership announces its final victory over ISIS. By then we would need to sit and talk and hold seminars, conferences, and research circles. Indeed we need (great) ceremonies to celebrate victory because that would be a very great victory. It would be a victory over those who formed the most dangerous phenomenon and distorted the religion of Mohammad ibn Abdullah (peace be upon him and his household) since 1400 years. It will be the victory of human and moral values over savagery, brutality, and horrible ferocity. The victory has great and marvelous indications on the cultural, religious, missionary, humanitarian, military, security, and political levels, and on all levels.

At that time, we must renew our call to the Iraqi people, the Syrian people, the Lebanese people, all the leaderships in the region, and all the peoples in the region to make a pause of meditation and reconsideration: who founded ISIS? Who supported ISIS? Who invested in ISIS (to achieve certain goals)? Who pushed ISIS to perpetrate all of these terrorist massacres? And who confronted ISIS? Who fought ISIS? Who offered martyrs (in the fight against it)? Who defeated ISIS and those who stand behind it?

This discussion must take place deeply and forcefully so that the believer may not be stung in the same burrow twice.

Let's go back to Albukamal. What did the Americans do? This will serve the discussion that will take place later. In the Albukamal battle, the Americans did all that they could do to assist ISIS except one thing only, which is opening fire on the forces which were struggling to liberate Albukamal. That means the US warplanes did not strike the Syrians and the allies who were liberating Albukamal. However, they offered air cover to ISIS in the area to the east of the Euphrates River - meaning the area between the river and the Iraqi border. In that area, ISIS use to move in an overt way. Its vehicles, tanks, missiles, and provision lines were all totally secured.

1- The US air force does not strike ISIS at a time when the Americans claim they are an international coalition to fight ISIS. The US air force further prevents the Russian and Syrian air forces from approaching that area, threatening that should the Syrian or Russian air forces strike the area to the east of the Euphrates, it will strike the area to the west of the Euphrates - meaning striking the troops attacking Albukamal.

2- The US used to dispatch unmanned aerial vehicles over the allied troops liberating Albukamal. This is not an accusation, they are rather tangible facts. Then the Americans used to provide ISIS with precise data. For its part, ISIS used to hit the targets detected by the unmanned aerial vehicles.

3- The US air force carried out an electronic war to control the spectrum used by the troops on the offensive. When ISIS fell in Albukamal, the Americans offered all facilitations to secure the withdrawal of ISIS militants so as to protect them and their lives. You know that very well, and I do not want to go back to old stories.

The Americans offered all possible facilitations to guarantee the withdrawal of ISIS, and it guarded them from Albukamal to the east of the river. ISIS members were also received in several regions controlled by Kurds from the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Between brackets: this is a legitimate supposition, that perhaps tomorrow or soon in the future, we may see the legions of ISIS shaving their beards and joining the so-called "Syrian Democratic Forces" [SDF] which are directed and sponsored by US troops in Syria.

4- During the battle and following the battle, US helicopters used to land in ISIS areas and lift commanders and individuals away. What is their mission and what is their task? This is the question. This took place in more than one place. It took place also in Deir az-Zour and the Iraqi city of al-Mayadeen.

The Americans did all of this and their true concern was that ISIS remains steadfast in Albukamal until the end, and that the attack on Albukamal staged by the Syrians and the allied forces fails. This is an additional proof for the extent of the US involvement in supporting ISIS and protecting ISIS for the longest time possible.

Do you still remember when the Americans said that putting an end to ISIS requires 30 years. Some said it requires 25 years. Others said 10 years. However, the resistance axis in the region could defeat ISIS within few years. This is a scandal for the Americans and for US politics. This adoption is still valid and this US deception must be disclosed to our peoples.

Days ago a friend and an ally of the Americans - I am not talking about an Iranian official, I am rather talking about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - openly accused the US of continuing its support of ISIS with money. Here I tell you that they are providing them with more than money, however, I will stick to his statement. He is the head of an important state, and he is saying openly while addressing the people - so it is not a leakage - that America is still backing ISIS with money because America is still insisting on using ISIS. The danger lies in America reproducing ISIS at any future stage under new names, topics, and forms, to undertake old missions which it is undertaking now.

Before the great achievement in Albukamal, allow me to offer my thanks, salutations, high esteem, exaltation, and glorification to all the fighters for their sacrifices, sleepless nights, and toil. You know that the area is a desert. Dust is thick and nights are extremely cold. The battle is tough and very fierce. I offer my thanks and esteem to them all - leaders, fighters, officers, and soldiers in the Syrian Army and the popular Syrian forces which also partook in the battle, and the various and diverse Iraqi resistance forces, the brethren fighters, the Fatimiyyoun, Zaynabiyyoun, and all other branches. I also thank the brethren in the Iranian revolutionary guards, and my brethren too. Knowing that they are all my brethren, my special thanks are to my brothers, the leaders in Hezbollah. A number of our leaders are there and a large number of our fighters partook in that battle. I salute them and offer them my esteem and glorification. I must also hail the families of Hezbollah martyrs and the families of all Albukamal martyrs. However, here in Lebanon, I address the families of our martyrs. Hezbollah offered a large number of martyrs and wounded, and I ask Allah Almighty that He accepts their sacrifices. May Allah bless your martyrs who are our pride and yours, and our wealth and yours, for this world and the hereafter.

However, allow me here to give great thanks the great commander of the Iranian al-Quds Force. In the media, they refer to him as the commander of the al-Quds Corps. This is not true. The truth is that he is the commander of the al-Quds Force in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. I am referring to Major General Hajj Qassim Soleimani. He partook in many of the battles and not only in this battle. So he partook in this recent battle - the last battle with ISIS - which took place in a city which was controlled by ISIS, and in light of the atmosphere prevailing in the meantime in the region - which I will return to later when talking about the Arab League Conference. In fact, we must say things using their true names and terms. This great commander partook in this battle since its first days and early stages. Even before the battle started, he was in the battlefield. Well, what was said in the media outlets is true. He was on the front lines in the battlefield. He was subject to martyrdom at any moment. It was he who used to take the initiative, lead, and direct the leaders, and follow all the details.

Well, yes he left for few days when he received the news of the death of his dear father. He left for Iran and partook in the funeral of his father and received condolences and returned quickly to the Albukamal area and is still there till our very day and will remain there until the final verification of the victory and the achievement. It is our duty and the duty of the peoples of the region to salute and hail Hajj Qassim Soleimani and his brethren in Iran, His Eminence, the Leader Imam Sayyed Khamenei, the officials in the Islamic Republic, the Iranian people, the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, and the Islamic Republic as a whole. This is the minimum we can do, and not like what some Arab foreign ministers did. That's because it is the Islamic Republic which stood next to Iraq in confronting ISIS, and next to Syria in the confrontation with ISIS, as well as next to Lebanon. I mentioned before that the power, capacity, and force we own were also built with the help of the Islamic Republic.

Today when Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon become liberated from the danger of ISIS and those dark, painful, sad years - the years of massacres, savagery, captivity, dishonor, and the demolition of the past and the present as well as the destruction of armies, communities, and governments - after Allah Almighty, we must thank the creatures of Allah, on top of them comes the Islamic Republic of Iran with its leadership and people, and in particular in this field this great man whose name history will no doubt record. He used to conduct all his battles from the frontlines and never from the back lines. It is indispensable to say this word with the end of Albukamal battle. So the battle with ISIS is in its final stages. Do you still remember when those Arabs met with Trump in Riyadh, many said that God willing they will start devising plans with Trump to put an end to ISIS by 2018. Still they did not do anything. We told them then that before 2018, ISIS will come to an end, and here ISIS has come to an end - the state of ISIS. There remains the remnants of ISIS. Thus the battle must carry on with all as much force as possible. So what I want to assert on is that all the commanders and fighters in this great, jihadi, historic axis must not consider that with the victory in Iraq and the victory in Syria things are over. No. In fact, with the same zeal, vehemence, force, vitality, and ardor, we must carry on to put an end to the remnants of ISIS, because it is a cancerous body which may develop a new, and especially since we believe that the Americans will revive it and push it towards further exhausting the resistance in the region. It is not allowed that the joy of victory preoccupies us or leads us to neglect working industriously and around the clock to continue and complete this achievement.

Well, this is concerning the first topic. As for the second topic, we come to what we heard yesterday in the Arab Foreign Ministers meeting. I want to talk primarily about the part concerning Hezbollah, taking into consideration the fact that they focused on three points: Iran, Hezbollah, and Ansarullah. Iran defends itself.

Yesterday it made comments, and today it will. Ansarullah has the ability to talk for themselves. However, allow me to talk about Hezbollah. First, this accusation is not new. What we heard is not something new. It is expected now. We heard that in previous meetings of the Arab Foreign Ministers and Arab Interior Ministers and consequently, nothing calls for tension. Rather things call for sorrow. This is the general atmosphere. It is astonishing - I do not know if it happened by chance or if it is a show of the gracious divine fate that by the moments and hours in which the fighters including Hezbollah (which is a true, great, and essential power) were liberating Abu Kamal and expelling ISIS from Abu Kamal - ISIS which the entire world categorizes as a terrorist organization - these (Arab officials) come to categorize Hezbollah as a terrorist organization! Likewise, at a time when Iran is enduring much (through the role played by) Hajj Qassim Soleimani, the guards, and all the support it gave in the Abu Kamal battle against ISIS, we find that they accuse Iran of being a state sponsor of terrorism. Well, what did you do in this war against ISIS? What is really funny is what we heard days ago from one of the Saudi officials who said that Saudi Arabia is a partner in the victory over ISIS.

Well, tell us about one battle in which you partook and fought ISIS. Where are your generals, officers, and princes who are fighting ISIS? Anyway, this is one of the divine destinies. In fact, there is no chance in this universe.

Well, I forgot while counting the troops partaking in the fight to count them all. My mind went to the field troops. We still have an obligation here to hail one side and add it to the previous ones. We must express our high esteem to the special and extraordinary effort exerted by the Russian forces - the Russian air force which offered a great and highly important contribution to this battle despite the risks of the possibility of clashing with the US troops. Here we must make up for this by mentioning the Russians and asserting their much appreciated participation.

Well, the course of accusing Hezbollah, Ansarullah, and Iran as terrorist organizations and states is in fact a US track (policy). All those who frustrated the US scheme in the region - of which ISIS was one of its pillars - will be punished.

One of the forms of punishment is blacklisting them and pursuing them as terrorists.

This started in Iraq. Some time ago, the Americans blacklisted the head of the Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq, the leader Hajj Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. From the first battle against ISIS, this man was in the battle moving from one front to another and from one position to another. They blacklisted him after he defeated ISIS. Moreover, days ago, they blacklisted the Iraqi al-Nujaba Movement and the Iraqi Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq movement. Here I say that they acted as such even before and blacklisted some Iraqi resistance factions. I believe that soon they will blacklist all the Iraqi factions which fought ISIS and defeated ISIS and formed the primary and solid pillar of the Popular Mobilization (Units), which was launched in Iraq based upon the noble religious authority's fatwa issued in Holy Najaf. This blacklisting will extend all over the region, just as what took place in Yemen and Lebanon and the Palestinian resistance factions and movements. We will hear of personalities, names, factions, parties, and movements being blacklisted. States will be threatened of being blacklisted too, just as they threatened the Lebanese state and government. Anyway, the four states also blacklisted Qatar. This is a normal track (of events). I consider this to be normal, and we must get accustomed to it.

We must also confront it in the appropriate and wise manner. I will stop here, though some things may need further comments. Still, I will just tell you - all the Arabs, and all Muslims, especially the Palestinian people and the Lebanese people - that you will hear to Israeli comments similar to what we heard in the past few days on the relations with the Arab states, mutual visits, and meetings which have been taking place for years and the cooperation and coordination, especially with Saudi Arabia. No denial was issued on these acts. So you have to form an idea about where things are going and in which direction. It's enough to quote what Moshe Ya'alon - the former Israeli War Minister and former Chief of Staff, who is one of the criminal military leaders in the Israeli entity, who said: "It is not by accident that Adel al-Jubeir says in Arabic what we say in Hebrew." This is enough.

By that we have received our right. Again I reiterate what the former War Minister and former Chief of Staff, who is a criminal military leader in the Israeli entity said: "It is not by accident that Adel al-Jubeir says in Arabic what we say in Hebrew." This is enough.

As for the statement, I want to comment quickly on three points. The first point concerns a clause in the statement which made me laugh wholeheartedly when I read it. Anyway, it is better to be talked about doing something good than talked about for something bad. The Arab League accused the Lebanese "terrorist" Hezbollah - which is a partner in the Lebanese government - of supporting terrorism and extremist groups in Arab countries with advanced weapons and ballistic missiles. That's why I said it is better that we talked about for something good...Well, they are saying that the Hezbollah of Lebanon is delivering ballistic missiles and advanced weapons to the area!

Well, on what basis did these ministers agree on that statement? Did anyone provide them with information? In fact, we are doing our best to boost our arsenal, and the Israelis are opening a battle with us over that in Syria. Then they say that we are delivering ballistic rockets and advanced weapons to Arab states. Indeed, this is absurd and ridiculous. It is weak, as it is not based on any proof. It is haphazard, and it only aims to multiply the accusation on Hezbollah.

I assert to them and they can be very much sure that we are not delivering ballistic missiles, advanced weapons, or even a rifle. Listen to me very well, O' Arabs. I want to officially deny any such accusation. We did not send weapons to Yemen or to Bahrain or to Kuwait. Wasn't it a vast battle in Iraq? We did not send weapons to Iraq. They do not need weapons so that Hezbollah sends weapons to Iraq. We did not send weapons to any Arab country. We did not send ballistic missiles, advanced weapons, or even a rifle to any Arab country. Well yes, there are two places we sent weapons to. I will be very frank. The first place is Occupied Palestine. We have the honor of participating in delivering Kornet missiles to the Gaza Strip. We are proud of that, and whoever wants to condemn us is condemned for his shortcoming. In Syria too, there are the arms we are fighting with. These are the only two countries.

In fact, this clause is trivial, nonsensical, and baseless. Anyway, it confirms the form of the accusations brought about in this statement. This is the first point I wanted to comment on as per the statement. I will not comment on everything in the statement. I will rather choose a couple of points. The second point is that said by some of the ministers in the meeting, especially the Saudi and Bahraini ministers who addressed the Lebanese by telling them: O' Lebanese! If you do not resolve the issue of Hezbollah and the arms of Hezbollah, your security and stability will be threatened by these arms. Here I do not know what to say about the extent of their information and data. In fact, do they have time to read and follow up? Do they know what is taking place in the region and in the country? What about the Arab nation's security? I only want to remind these ministers and public opinion in general that the gravest threat to the security and stability of Lebanon was and is still the Israeli occupation, while the most important factor in liberating Lebanon from the occupation and establishing security and stability is the resistance -as (one) part of the golden formula - and the backbone of the resistance is Hezbollah.

O' Jubeir and Khaled! The weapons of the resistance is the main factor in achieving what has been achieved, the establishment of security and stability by expelling the Israeli occupation from Lebanon. Second, Lebanon was and is still facing Israeli threats and provocations, and the most important factor to achieve security and stability in Lebanon within the trilateral formula is the resistance, which established the state of deterrence with the Israelis. Who would protect Lebanon from Israel? You? Your state? Your armies? Your aircraft? Yesterday a senior official in the United Arab Emirates said: what is being said about the UAE using aircraft which the US sent us against Israel is absurd. Indeed this is absurd. Who would believe this? Will we wait for you?

The weapons of Hezbollah are a primary partner in establishing stability and security in Lebanon. It partakes in confronting the Israeli cells and the terrorist cells inside Lebanon, and ISIS and al-Nusra, to liberate the Eastern Mountain Range along with the Lebanese Army. The primary contribution was by these weapons. So thanks to the arms of Hezbollah, Lebanon enjoys stability and security. The arms of Hezbollah are a primary element in establishing stability and security. If you really care for security and stability in Lebanon, you can help Lebanon. That would be excellent. That is possible by leaving Lebanon alone. Do not intervene in Lebanese affairs, like the flagrant and blatant interference we witnessed in the past few weeks. Do not send us the Takfiris of Al-Qaeda and others whom you raised in Wahhabi schools, and do not provoke Israel to strike Lebanon. As such Lebanon will enjoy security and stability, because in Lebanon there is a state, a president for the Republic, a prime minister, and a government, and God willing the government will remain, as well as the parliament, and the great, national, popular will - despite all the political disputes - not to return to any form of internal fighting and civil war.

This absolute, collective, national will, which obstructs any form of internal clashing, is the guarantee for security and stability in Lebanon and not your stances. Just do not interfere in Lebanon, and we - the Lebanese - will guarantee for you that the security and stability in Lebanon will remain a role model for the entire region, and rather, for the whole world.

The third point has to do with Yemen, and the one and only reason for the meeting which the Arab foreign ministers called for. Indeed, they did not call for it for the sake of Palestine which is now threatened. Yesterday, the Americans threatened the Palestinian Liberation Organization to shut its office in Washington, and they are exerting pressure on the Palestinian Authority to go back to negotiations, and settling in al-Quds (is ongoing), and the displacing of the residents of al-Quds from their city, among other measures. All of this did not call for a meeting for the Arab foreign ministers. The reason behind the meeting is that a ballistic missile reached and exploded over King Khaled Airport in Riyadh. This is the calamity that made the Arabs meet.

I have a quick comment on this issue. First, in more than one statement, press conference, and interview, the Saudi Foreign Minister said that it is Hezbollah which launched the missile. He is saying that the missile is made in Iran. The Iranians delivered it to Yemen to an area controlled by the Houthis and the men of the Lebanese Hezbollah - according to him - who launched this rocket on Riyadh. I tackled this point previously, but still some people did not understand it. I absolutely deny that. No man in Hezbollah was involved in launching this missile or the missiles which were previously launched or that will be launched in the future. As I said before, the problem with these Saudi officials is that they belittle the Yemeni man.

They do not want to acknowledge that the Yemenis are courageous men who have minds and are smart, intelligent, and strong. They derive and pile up lessons from their trials and experiences. If you tell them that the Yemenis are producing missiles, they ridicule them. If you tell them they are producing (UAVs), they do not accept. This is a 100% Yemeni production. They can't grasp that because they compare them to themselves. Allow me to increase the dose a little. They compare them to themselves. There are people who until now import the Kaffieh (Arab headdress and headband) from abroad. They can't understand how these Yemenis can produce arms and ammunition and missiles, and develop their capacities to this extent and lead a battle with such a (high) level of precision, wisdom, intellect, courage, and skill. Thus they had to run away and say that those who are fighting me in Yemen are Iran and Hezbollah. No dear! Those who are fighting you in Yemen are the Yemenis, and you failed before the Yemenis and their youth, men, leaders, armies, popular committees, children, and women, and you have to acknowledge this fact and not evade it by accusing others. Now the Iranian officials commented lengthily on this issue. As for Hezbollah, I want to refute this accusation once and for all, which is not based on facts or evidences, as this is contrary to the facts in the battlefield over there.

Second, well you met to condemn the launch of the missile because Riyadh was shaken, terrified, and worried. However, I want to ask those who met yesterday in Cairo and discussed at length the Arab nation's security: is Yemen an Arab country? Are the Yemeni people an Arab people or not? Is the security of Yemen part of the Arab nation's security or not? Well, didn't that come across the mind of any of you?

The Europeans are talking; the West has started talking; some of the Americans are not able to stay silent anymore towards what is taking place in Yemen. Were any of you moved? Well, apart from the reasons, who is at fault and who is not, who revolted and who opposed, after all there is a status quo. There is a fierce war on an Arab state called Yemen. Let's talk as Arabs to Arabs. A war is waged on an Arab state called Yemen. This state is besieged by sea, land, and air. There is a missile - you are discussing whether it is made in Iran or not, how it entered Yemen and was fired from Yemen. You issued a statement of condemnation. Well, there is something final and does not require any discussions. Saudi warplanes, rockets, arms, and missiles are daily and around the clock hitting Yemen and bombarding - again I reiterate - houses, markets, mosques, hospitals, schools, universities, villages, towns, and cities. Is there anything which they did not hit? There are tens of thousands of martyrs - most of whom are civilians, women, and children. Even the UN is not able to remain silent anymore. Hundreds of thousands are infected by cholera. Millions are threatened with hunger to death. Yesterday, the UN said that if the siege is not lifted, within weeks the food and medicine stock will be used up, and millions will be subject to death. Aren't these Arabs? Are they non-Arabs? Are they Persians - as you say arrogantly? I do not know what the Arabs have which make them act arrogantly towards the rest of the peoples, ethnicities, and races. Aren't they Arabs? Where are you? Aren't you religious? Don't you have Islam? You say you are Arabs - are these the morals of Arabs? Is this the chivalry of Arabs? Is this the honor of Arabs? Well, let's put religion and Arabism aside. Aren't you humans? Don't you have hearts? Don't you have consciences? The footage of children which one may suppose are somewhere in Africa, are in fact here in an Arab country, a Muslim country, and the world - not the Yemenis but rather the UN and the institutions of the UN - are telling you that millions are subject to hunger and starvation to death.

Is there one word only in the statement you made - the special, noble, and great statement you issued - about Yemen?

Unfortunately, people will say why is the Sayyed ruining the situation in Lebanon.

Why do you talk? I am not attacking, I am categorizing. This is forbidden. It is forbidden to talk about what is happening to the Yemenis and what Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen. It is forbidden or else the Lebanese government is threatened with being toppled and the security and stability in Lebanon is threatened. No one of the Arab states is allowed to say one word. No one in the Arab and Islamic world is allowed to open his mouth.

Before what Yemen is suffering from in these days, I also want to address today all the scholars, religious institutions, religious authorities, religious societies, all the Arabs, all Muslims, and all elites. I want to address their consciences, minds, human nature, religion (if they care about their religion) and Arabism (if they care about Arab morals and values).

Can't you take a stance? Can't you say a word? Can't you raise your voice? We are not asking you to support Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, or Ansarullah, or the popular conference, or the (former president) Ali Abdullah Saleh, or so and so in Yemen. No! Just call on Saudi Arabia to stop this war, stop crushing the bones of children, and stop this hunger, the cholera, the siege, this genocide, and these horrible massacres. Afterwards, go and find a political solution and pressure everyone to find a political solution.

Why this terrible, frightening, and dangerous silence in the Arab and Islamic world? Why? Is it because you are afraid of Saudi Arabia? Is this possible? Is it possible that we are in a time in which we see with our own eyes millions - including children and women - from our own race, religion, and nation dying of cholera and hunger and the world remains silent, except indeed for some states, some personalities, and some authorities? Otherwise, in general the world is silent. It does not take any move. The world does not tell them to stop the war. No one is telling you to fight Saudi Arabia or attack Saudi Arabia. Just call on Saudi Arabia to lift the siege and stop the war, the massacres, the strikes, and all that it is perpetrating, even if it has failed in all that it is doing.

This is what I liked to comment on, by saying that unfortunately this ministerial statement, which talks about the Arabs, the Arab states, and the Arab peoples, stood speechless before a people as a whole. Twenty three million people - not all of them are in the fighting region - or almost 20 million or 18 million are being slaughtered, shelled, and killed with illness, hunger, rockets, shelling, and massacres. Aren't they Arabs? Why don't you talk about them then?

The second last point is Palestine. I thank the brothers in the Palestinian factions for their stance on the Arab Foreign Ministers statement which dubbed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. I tell the Palestinian factions: may Allah assist you in the coming stages and the upcoming meetings in Cairo. We must be cautious of this state of chaos being witnessed in the Arab world, that is being caused by some states. Indeed this is a cover for the announcement of ties with Israel and the quick steps which are meant to be taken to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

The interview the Saudi ‘Elaph' website made with the enemy's Chief of Staff Eisenkot, is a very dangerous step in the framework of normalization with the enemy. All that Israel says about (political) ties with Arab states and Saudi Arabia is very dangerous, and it concerns you first and foremost. The Palestinians from the authority to the factions will be subject to - and are already being subjected to - much US and Arab pressure to give up their rights as a service to the so-called ‘deal of the century', and consequently, the Palestinians as a people and as an authority and factions are before a very important and crucial challenge.

I tell them that they can only bet and in the first place on their internal unity - your national unity. Do not allow them to rip your lines apart. Don't allow them to disunite you. Should you unite, you can face the world. Should you disunite, Palestine will be lost from your hands in the ‘deal of the century'.

Finally we come to Lebanon. I left Lebanon to the end because there isn't much to say about Lebanon. I only have a couple of words. Indeed, we all in Lebanon are looking forward to the return of the premier who - for us - has not resigned. When he returns we will see. We are open to dialogue and to any discussion that will take place in the country. In the past couple of weeks, we heard a number of officials - some of which are from the Future Movement - talking about Hezbollah breaching the conditions of the settlement. Indeed, we did not answer this and today I will not respond to that because the priority was and is still the return of Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Lebanon. When he returns to Lebanon, dialogue and discussions will take place. Then we will understand all the circumstances, and if we have anything to tell the people we will say it frankly and in a transparent way.

We must also thank the official Lebanese stance at the Arab League. This is the stance of the Lebanese state. We highly esteem the special efforts which Lebanese Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil exerted.

We must also hail the stance of the brethren in Iraq and the Iraqi Foreign Ministry because these two stances were seen in the media. I do not have any detailed information about the rest of the Arab states and how their performance was and what their stance was as the session was a closed one.

Anyway, we thank all those who defend the defenders of the Arab nation's security, and all those who defend the defenders of the dignity of the Arabs, the Arab nation, and the Islamic and Christian sanctities, even if with a stance or a word.

We stop here with saying just a last word. You saw that I was somehow moved when talking about Yemen, because things are as such in fact. However, I want to tell the masses of the resistance in particular: just overlook and neglect what you heard yesterday. Move along in your procession - the procession of major and historic victories, the last of which will not be Abu Kamal. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.


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