Shia Federation condemns killing of Shiite in Parachinar, Pakistan

Shia Federation condemns killing of Shiite in Parachinar, Pakistan

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Shia Federation Jammu has turned tables on Pakistan for encouraging terrorism within country as well as in neighboring countries.

The Shia Federation president Aashak Hussian in a statement here today while strongly condemning the ParaChinar incident in Pakistan said that efforts are being made to eliminate Shia community in that country and this has sent shock waves among the members of the community all over the globe. 

He said the ParaChinar incident has pained the members of the community all over the globe in general and Shias of J&K in particular. He said it is unfortunate that the assailants soaked their hands in blood of the members of the community who were making purchasing for Eid celebrations. He said over 100 members of the community have been killed in this carnage including children and women.

The common people are being targeted and done to death by terrorists in Pakistan but the Pak Government and world community is silently watching the same. Criticizing the Pakistani Government Shia leader accused it of refraining from taking action against the terrorists. He demanded action under law against the culprits responsible for such heinous crime against the humanity.

Lambasting Pakistan Government, he said on the one hand it has failed to give protection to its own people and on the other hand it is raising fingers on India where Muslims are totally safe and secure.

Ashaq Hussian also criticized the Pak media of being silent spectator to the killings and atrocities on Shias in that country. He said the members of Shia community are totally safe in India. He also asked Pakistan to clear its stand on terrorism and alleged that the cricketers were given crores of rupees but no compensation was paid to Shia martyrs of ParaChinar.


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