Ayatollah Qabalan: Normalization of Ties with Israel Haram

Ayatollah Qabalan: Normalization of Ties with Israel Haram

President of Lebanon's Higher Shia Council Ayatollah Abdul-Amir Qabalan condemned the Zionist regime’s crimes against Palestinian Muslims and Christians and said normalization of ties with Israel is Haram (religiously forbidden).

Ahlulbayt News Agency:. Delivering a speech, Ayatollah Qabalan said normalization not only is considered as a betrayal of the Muslim Ummah but it also paves the way for implementation of the US’ so-called “deal of the century” that seeks to sideline the issue of Palestine, el-Nashra News website reported.

Ayatollah Qabalan also condemned a recent attempt by an Israeli man to set fire to a church in Jerusalem al-Quds and described it as signifying the Zionists’ hostility toward Muslim and Christian holy sites.

He called on all Muslims and Christians to stand up to the Zionists’ spiteful ideology.

A Jewish man was arrested Friday after he poured out a flammable liquid inside a church near Jerusalem al-Quds Old City.

There have been many such attacks by Zionists on churches in Jerusalem al-Quds and other parts of occupied Palestine.


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