Analysis: West plotting new chaos, crisis in Iraq

Analysis: West plotting new chaos, crisis in Iraq

In the middle of an impasse in Iraq government formation process, the political factions within the Shiite Coordination Framework (SCF) recently released documents showing secret Western plans to sink the country into a new period of crisis.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): In the middle of an impasse in Iraq government formation process, the political factions within the Shiite Coordination Framework (SCF) recently released documents showing secret Western plans to sink the country into a new period of crisis. 

For decades, the West has used "shock doctrine" to create crisis around the world for advancing its agenda. In recent years, it promoted terrorism, incited street protests, set up assassination squads, and launched illegal strikes on the Iraqi military forces to adopt its crisis creation strategy. 

BBC preparing for massive reporter deployment and extension of UNAMI envoy 

The first aspect of the new Western plan to fuel a new crisis in Iraq, as revealed by the SCF, is the preparation for arranging a new round of street protests and setting up assassination and sabotage circles. Recent reports in the Iraqi media indicate that the BBC office in Baghdad plans to deploy 35 foreign journalists to Iraq in June or July for a month-long coverage. At the same time, the Security Council extended the mission of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and called for the formation of a new government in the country. 

The moves are seen by some Iraqi political leaders as suspicious meddling by the West in Iraq's affairs, with Qais al-Khazali, the secretary-general of the Asaib Ahl Al-Haq movement revealing "information about the sinister and sabotaging plans" of the West with the aim of creating internal conflicts in the Arab country. According to al-Khazali, there are documents, voice tapes, and talks about these plans to once again make Iraq a protest and sabotage scene. The "clergy was informed of the plot," said al-Khazali. 

Looking at its historical record, it is certain that the BBC is planning to cover the developments in Iraq extensively, indicating their readiness for a major crisis in Iraq. The West is well aware that due to the drought and the power shortage in Iraq, the electricity and lighting crisis in the summer stirs fresh popular discontent. In such a situation, they put two stages on the agenda for creating a crisis: the first stage is to encourage popular protests under the pretext of government inefficiency and systematic corruption, and the second stage is to guide circles of assassination and armed clashes into the protests for sabotage and violence to hijack the legal demands. 

West plays again with Iraq partition card 

In addition to popular protests, the West is counting on the use of the Kurdish card to fuel a new crisis like in the past decades. In 2017, the Western intelligence agencies organized the Kurdish region independence referendum at the hand of Masoud Barzani, the former president of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), but their plot was foiled by the resistance forces and the Iraqi military. Recently, however, it was revealed that "armed elements" are being trained in the Kurdistan capital Erbil to lead new clashes. 

In this connection, Iraqi Resistance Coordination Committee on May 23 issued a statement about monitoring the training of armed groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan region under the supervision of the Prime Minister Masrour Barzani with the aim of hatching chaos and violence and destroying national unity. All these movements are taking place in a situation as in the autonomous region large and secret circles of the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, are active under the name of civil society organizations and other cultural institutions and planning for Iraqi split through a crisis. 

What are Western goals behind new crisis in Iraq? 

The West may have three goals behind its new plot in Iraq. 

First, the Ukraine war and rise of energy shortage and crisis in the global markets once again brought back to the West the significance of such countries as Iraq that have considerable energy resources. Apparently harmed by sanctions on the Russian energy exports, the Western countries, led by the US, are trying to control the oil policies of Iraq, which currently exports about 3.3 million barrels of oil per day, by continuing their strong presence in Iraq, especially as Saudi Arabia refused to comply with the White House's demand for a rapid increase in the output level. Moreover, the West wants to prevent the Chinese companies' domination of Iraq oilfields that can risk future energy crunch. 

Second, the Western countries intend to undermine the SCF and form a cabinet excluding it and its allies through arranging protests while they have failed to isolate the Shiite forces post-election. 

Third, the new conspiracy to flood Iraq with chaos and crisis is a kind of angry Western response to a resolute Iraqi parliament law to criminalize normalization of ties with the Israeli regime. By inciting the demonstrations, the West tries to take revenge on the architects and advocates of this law.


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