Halal food festival in Toronto

Halal food festival in Toronto

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - For the fifth year, the Toronto suburb of Mississauga is hosting what it bills as North America’s largest halal food festival from July 15 to 16.

Halal food is that which is prepared according to Islamic law. Animals must be healthy before being slaughtered in a prescribed, humane way and with a prayer. Foods must not come into contact with alcohol or pork products. 

The Canadian market for halal food is estimated to be worth one billion dollars and the Canadian Muslim community is expected to triple by 2031. So, the demand for halal food should increase.

Festival organizers expect over 35,000 visitors and will celebrate diversity by featuring foods from around the world.

There will also be cooking demonstrations, live performances by artists and comedians and a large playground for children as well as insect and reptile shows.

The festival has several sponsors and is partly funded by the government of Canada.


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