Canadians protest in front of Israeli consulate

Canadians protest in front of Israeli consulate

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - A Protest Rally was organized by United for Palestine in front of Israeli consulate in Toronto, Canada, in support of Palestinians in Jerusalem (Al-Quds) for their Heroic Resistance to Israeli brutal occupation.

Canadians from all walks of life (Muslims, Jews, Christians and other faiths) rallied across the zioninst consulate in Toronto to call on the Canadian government to stand up, end it complicity, speak out, live up to its accountability under international law, as a member state of the UN.

The message of protest rallies reads as following:

The situation in Al-Quds, in Gaza, and other parts of Palestine is very grave, and getting worse. The ongoing brutality against Palestinians, and the latest aggression at Al-Quds are in defiance of international laws and United Nations resolutions. The situation across Palestine is grave and getting worse.

These repressive conditions call us to the street to show our outrage at the failure of the Canadian government to speak out and to let fellow Canadians know things are not as quiet as the mainstream media lead us to believe; and most importantly, to let oppressed and heroic Palestinians fighting with their lives know they are not alone.

Canadian leaders say we share values with Israel but we know Canadians surely don’t value apartheid or ethnocracy, nor support oppression, racism, occupation, colonization and genocide rather people who make Canada their home value human rights and dignity, freedom, democracy, international law, freedom of movement, so we gather together to unite for Palestine, to unite for Al Asqa, to unite for those under 10 years of seize in Gaza, to unite until Palestine is Free.

We are gathered to let those on the street, and across the city, and the country know what is really happening on the ground in Palestine, and that the repressive condition, the military violence, the apartheid state. leaves us outraged our Canadian government complicity with Israelis war crimes and so, we come to lets those oppressed and heroic Palestinians fighting with their lives to know they are not alone.

Long live Palestine.


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