In an interview with Dijlah TV;

Al-Nujaba: Only expulsion of US from Iraq can stop missile strikes

Al-Nujaba: Only expulsion of US from Iraq can stop missile strikes

In a televised interview, al-Shammari stated that the only way to stop the Iraqi Islamic Resistance’s missile attacks is for the American occupiers to leave the country.

AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA):  According to the Communication and Media Affairs Centre of al-‎Nujaba in Iran, Nasr al-Shammari, the official spokesman of the al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement, explained the movement’s position on the latest developments in Iraq in an interview broadcast on the “Deep Breath” challenge program broadcast on Iraq’s Dijlah TV.

al-Shammari explained the geography of this border point, noting that the United States’ airstrike on the border guards of the Popular Mobilization Forces took place not in Syria but rather inside Iraq and added, “To prevent Daesh from infiltrating, these forces need to be constantly present along the border.”

He described the Americans’ claim that Iraqi intelligence was cooperating in the attack, which was denied by both the Iraqi Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior, as “dishonest” and added, “As an Iraqi group, we trust our internal institutions and will not allow the Americans to divide the Iraqi people.”

The spokesman for al-Nujaba condemned the efforts of some political movements to acquit the occupiers, noting, “These movements did not react even when the attacks took place inside Iraq.”

Rejecting the accusation that the resistance against the occupation stems from the imposition of the will of the Islamic Republic of Iran, al-Shammari asked, “Were the more than 180 delegates who passed the law to expel foreign troops Iranian? Were the millions of Iraqis who protested against the occupiers in the last two years Iranians? What laws have allowed the Americans to enter Iraq and establish military bases? Iraqis do not accept any occupying forces, whether they are American and Turkish.”

Regarding the strategic talks between Washington and Baghdad and the timing of the withdrawal, he said, “So far, neither the Americans have announced that they are ready to leave our territory, nor has the Iraqi government published a timetable for their withdrawal.”

The deputy secretary-general of al-Nujaba, while reminding that the Islamic Resistance groups, considering the repeated requests of government institutions, gave several months for the talks to reach an executive result, continued, “But the Americans explicitly refused to leave, and their former president [Trump] said that Iraq should pay for the construction of American military bases!”

al-Shammari described the government of the United States as violating international norms that only follow the logic of force and said, “On behalf of an Iraqi Islamic Resistance group, I declare that if the timetable for the withdrawal of American troops was clear, it would be possible to reach an understanding in this regard but we can never accept that they will be in Iraq indefinitely.”

Announcing that the al-Nujaba Movement is one of the constituent groups of the “Iraqi Resistance Coordination Committee,” he clarified, “Despite the fact that the United States’ embassy in Baghdad is not just a diplomatic location but a military base, the Coordination Committee agreed that no attacks would be planned due to the presence of residential areas in the vicinity.”

In conclusion, the spokesman of al-Nujaba denied the claim of creating tension among the Islamic Resistance groups by firing missiles, noting, “The United States must end its illegitimate presence, then no more missiles will be fired. Just as after the withdrawal of the occupiers in 2011, no missiles were fired.”


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