Quran manuscript museum planned in Egypt

Quran manuscript museum planned in Egypt

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Egypt’s Awqaf ministry plans to launch a museum of handwritten Qurans, an official said.

Jabir Tayi, director of the ministry’s religious affairs department, said some 4000 Quranic and Islamic manuscripts will be put on display at the museum, lomaoma.com website reported.

According to the official, the ministry is currently working on selection of an appropriate location for the museum.

He also said of the copies to be kept in the museum is an old manuscript known as Mus’haf Othman dating back to the early years after the advent of Islam, he said.

It is said to be one of the three remaining copies of the Quran ordered to be written by Othman, the third Caliph.

It has 1180 pages measuring 80 by 40 centimeters and weighing 80 kilograms.

The copy was recently unveiled after six years of repair work on it.

The other two copies are now in Turkey.


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