Free Zakzaky is all we want

Free Zakzaky is all we want

To our credit, since the murderous attack on our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in December 2015 by the present administration we have been echoing Free Zakzaky...

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - To our credit, since the murderous attack on our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in December 2015 by the present administration we have been echoing Free Zakzaky. It is true as we have been saying in our slogans during our marches; the only language we understand is free Zakzaky. It is now well over two years since we started our processions demanding justice to the victims of Zaria massacre carried out by soldiers on the orders of president Buhari, whose culmination is the eventual release of Sheikh Zakzaky from the illegal incarceration he has been subjected to and his wife Malama Zeenah Ibrahim.

We stand by our demand: Free Zakzaky. He is the most oppressed person in this country. In a federal high court he defeated his aggressors, and the court declared his detention incompatible to any law of the federation. It set him free in 2016. But to the chagrin of all right thinking people he is still languishing in detention. As we come out again today our foremost demand among our demands is Free Zakzaky.

Even the recent reported court case filed by the Kaduna state government against our leader Sheikh Zakzaky will not deter us from our struggle all over the federation and Abuja in particular, to see to the freedom of our revered leader. To come up with these spurious charges after two years, smacks off mockery of legal process. They are nothing but a contemptible attempt to deflect people attention from government responsibility for a planned and systematic attack by soldiers on the Islamic Movement that left at least 1000 civilians dead on the behest of Buhari administration. It is also an attempt by the government to curb continuing protests in the Abuja calling for justice for Sheikh Zakzaky.

This murder charge against Sheikh Zakzaky is straight-up unconscionable! Imagine this: You murder a man’s family members and hundreds of his supporters in cold blood for no reason, you illegally detain him and wife for more than 2 years, and when his followers peacefully and persistently protest to demand his release, you charge him with murder! For goodness sake whom did he kill? A government that should be charged with mass murder at the international court is charging the surviving victim of its mass murder with murder! Only in a Banana republic can this sort of injustice occur! No shaking. If the government feels offended by our protests, then it should do the needful – release the oppressed Sheikh Zakzaky immediately and unconditionally to go and look after his health at least.

With the public confession by the Saudi crown prince, Muhammad bin Salman, that they are behind the Zaria genocide of December 2015, it remains to be seen when the Buhari administration will be gallant enough to admit how much the billionaire prince gave it to execute his murderous plan on innocent Nigerians. It is a known fact in global politics that Saudi pays its ways to achieve its aims. We hope those gullible Nigerians that were deceived by the army video claiming that the road of their Chief was blocked by the Islamic Movement will now open their eyes to the reality we have been saying right from the beginning of the murderous antics of this government against the Islamic Movement, that this genocide has nothing to do with road blockade.

We wish to remind all people of conscience that our leader Sheikh Zakzaky has suffered a stroke in January, 2018 and is on the verge of loosing his remaining eye to glaucoma, he therefore needs to be released now more than at any other time. It will not be in the interest of anybody should more harm is done to him. We once again call on the international community to bear on the federal government to Free Zakzaky.


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