ABWA's Secretary-General congratulates Pres. Rouhani on ISIS fall

ABWA's Secretary-General congratulates Pres. Rouhani on ISIS fall

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - In a message, The Ahlul Bayt World Assembly's Secretary-General congratulated President Rouhani over the victory of Islamic Resistance forces against ISIS which marked the end of the terrorist group in the region.

The full text of the statement is as follows: 

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

All command belongs to Allah, before this and hereafter; and on that day the faithful will rejoiceat Allah’s help. He helps whomever He wishes, and He is the All-Mighty, the All-Merciful.
(Surah Al-Rum: Verses 4 &5)

His Excellency Hujjatul-Islam Dr. Hassan Rouhani

Distinguished President of the Islamic Republic of Iran


It is a great pleasure and honor to celebrate the great victory of the "Axis of Peace and Resistance" over the "Axis of Evil and Terrorism" in this joyous occasion of the lunar month of Rabi-ul-Awwalafter six years of rebellion and bloodshed by terrorist and takfiri groups, including the criminals of ISIS, who were engaged in corruption on the earth with their Wahhabi thoughts under the patronage AlSaud, AlNahyan, and other reactionary regimes of the region as well as weaponry support by the United States, Britain, the Zionist regime, and their allies.

Undoubtedly, this great victory is indebted to the wise guidelines of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khamenei and the fatwa of the alert Supreme Religious Authority in Iraq along withthe struggles of Shia defenders from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan especially their brave commander, Major General al-Haj QasemSoleimani and theuntiring Mujahid, the brave and resourceful Hujjatul-Islam Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Also, the valuable role of the great Iranian nation and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially Your Excellency, along with allother governmental organizations and military forces of Iranwho supported the governments and nations involved in the war against ISIS is something irrefutable, which deserves high appreciation.

Thanks to the leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei and all abovementionedsupports and struggles, our region has now been cleared of the ominous bases of ISIS; and the sacrosanct shrines of the holy Ahlulbayt and their followers have regained security and peace. This is the fulfillment of the true divine promise: "They certainly devised their plots, but their plots are known to Allah, even if their plots were such as to dislodge the mountains; so do not suppose that Allah will break His promise to His apostles. Indeed Allah is All-Mighty, Avenger." (Surah Ibrahim, Verses 46 and 47)

With the decline of ISIS and the defeat of the brutal criminals of this group, the stigma and shameis left for the rulers who failed in this great test of battle between the truth and the falsehood. Those who were rightly mentioned in your words: "They (tyrannical rulers) do not considerthe people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen among the Arab world!And when these oppressed nations had fallen into the quagmire of ISIS and fought against the terrorists, all of them had remained silent."

I, on behalf of the Ahlulbayt World Assembly, avail myself of this opportunity to offer prayers in thanksgiving for this great conquer,and extend our congratulations to Your Excellency.

I further express hope to witness more victories for Muslim communities worldwide with constant supports of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s governmentto the benefit of the oppressed throughout the globe.

Mohammad Hasan Akhtari
Secretary General of the Ahlulbayt World Assembly


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