ABWA's satement on condemnation of Al Saud's crimes in Awamiyah

ABWA's satement on condemnation of Al Saud's crimes in Awamiyah

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Ahlul Bayt World Assembly has issued a statement on condemnation of Al Saud's crimes in al-Awamiyah.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

In the Name of Allah

Indeed Pharaoh tyrannized over the land, reducing its people to factions, abasing one group of them, slaughtering their sons, and sparing their women.
Indeed, He was one of the agents of corruption. [The Holy Quran]

The catastrophic news of ongoing atrocities by dictatorial regime of Al Saud against Shia Muslims in Al-Awamiyah, in eastern Saudi Arabia, are censored by the hostile media worldwide. At this crucial stage, international bodies and human rights organizations, through their silence and passivity, have provided opportunity to this blood-thirsty regime to increase its military and security attacks against the oppressed people in Al-Awamiyah.

Killing of dozens of protesting youth who were defending their civil rights, destruction of people's houses with rockets and mortars, demolition of their residential infrastructures, mosques, hospitals, and markets by armored vehicles, curfew, and arresting of hundreds of people are examples of Al Saud's brutality against its citizens in the city of al-Awamiyah.

The extent of devastation caused by al-Saud's brutality and violence may be compared with similar acts of takfirist groups and terrorists in Syria and Yemen. This shows that the Saudi government seeks an ethnic & religious cleansing as well as suppressing the demands of Shia people in that region.

The Ahlulbayt World Assembly condemns the suppressive acts of Saudi regime and the apparent invasion of citizens' rights and freedoms; and is deeply saddened by the dual human rights policies of the West towards this tyrannical regime.

In addition to repressing its nation, Saudi government has been targeting Yemeni people for more than two years, bombarding all economic infrastructures and killing or displacing thousands of people in that country. Saudi monarchs also provide arms and financial support for terrorists and takfirist groups in Syria and Iraq.

In this critical and critical situation, the Ahlulbayt World Assembly urges all Muslim scholars, preachers of mosques, lawyers, and intellectuals all over the world to give appropriate responses to these catastrophic events, take effective measures to disclose and prevent the continuation of such crimes by Saudi regime and its allies, and remind international bodies and human rights organizations - through any possible means - of their responsibilities towards this issue in order to take legal measures for condemnation of these crimes and putting on trial the perpetrators in international tribunals.

And the wrongdoers will soon know at what final place will end up. [The Holy Quran]

The Ahlulbayt World Assembly
29 July 2017


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