A poem on Shia genocide in Pakistan

SHIA GENOCIDE——————-Genocide acts spurred by bigotryOf sick minds and hatred’s idolatrySo many fine men become martyrsAs Shias face mayhem and slaughterGenocide it is and no sectarian warThose who deny the truth we abhorApostatizing labels and other slursHarden hearts and the reality blursThis genocide cannot be defeatedUnless majority’s efforts are accretedTo stop misguided souls propelled by delusionUnite to face this war, it is not an illusionThat sects have been a part of our historySince Prophet’s demise, is not a mysterySunnis, Shias and all did always coexistThe idea of incompatibility is absurdist/129

Condemnation of Insulting Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in Western Countries
ویژه‌نامه ارتحال آیت‌الله تسخیری
پیام رهبر انقلاب به مسلمانان جهان به مناسبت حج 1441 / 2020
Ahlul-Bayt International University
No to Deal of Century