Sayyida Fatima’s Duas (Supplications)

Sayyida Fatima’s Duas (Supplications)

Sayyida Fatima’s Duas (Supplications)

Hazrat Fatimah az- Zahra’s (S.A.) Duas (Supplications)

By: Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi

Her Du’a on Turning to Allah
Fatimah (s.a.) often supplicated Allah with this du’a,“O Allah, by Your knowing of the unseen and Your power over the creation, make me live if You know that life is better to me, and make me die if You know that death is better to me.

O Allah, I ask You for loyalty, and for the fear of You in pleasure and in anger, and for economy in wealth and poverty.

O Allah, I ask You for incessant bliss, and ask You for ceaseless delight, and ask You for satisfaction with fate, and ask You for a good life after death, and ask You for the looking at Your Face, and the eagerness to Your meeting without a harming distress or a dark sedition.

O Allah, adorn us with adornment of faith, and make us guided and guides, O You the Lord of the worlds!” 13

Her Du’a on Resorting to Allah
She recited in this du’a,“O Allah, make me satisfied with what You have given to me, honor me and give me good health as long as You make me live, forgive me and have mercy on me when You make me die.

O Allah, do not afflict me with asking for what You have not determined for me, and whatever You have determined for me make it easy and accessible.

O Allah, reward my parents for me and whoever has done me a favor with the best of reward.

O Allah, take me to what You have created me for, do not make me busy with what You have already secured to me, do not punish me while I ask You to forgive me, and do not deprive me while I beg You.

O Allah, make me humble to myself, make Your standing great to me, and inspire me with Your obedience and the doing of what pleases You and avoiding what displeases You, O You the most Merciful of the merciful.” 14

Her Du’a of Tasbih
Her Du’a of Tasbih15

Fatimah (s.a.) recited in this du’a, “Glory be to Him Who has shone with might and power.

Glory be to Him Who has hidden in seven heavens that no eye can see.

Glory be to Him Who has lowered creatures with death and honored Himself with life.

Glory be to Him Who remains and everything else perishes.

Glory be to Him Who has chosen praise to Himself and accepted it.

Glory be to the Ever-living, the Omniscient.

Glory be to the Forbearing, the Honorable.

Glory be to the Most High, the Great.

Glory be to Allah and by His praise.”16

Her Du’a on an Important Thing
Fatimah (s.a.) supplicated to Allah with du’a for relieving griefs and fulfilling needs: “By Yaseen and the Wise Qur'an, and by Taha and the Great Qur'an, O You, Who is able to fulfill all needs of requesters, Who know what is there inside conscience, O You Who cheer up the distressed, Who relieve the grieved, O You Who is merciful to the old, Who nourish infants, O You Who do not need expression, have blessings on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad!”17

Her Du’a for Making Things Easy
“O Allah the Lord of the seven heavens and Lord of the great throne, our Lord and the Lord of everything, the Revealer of the Torah, the Bible and the Qur'an, the Splitter of grains and stones, I seek Your protection from everything that You will pull down.

You are the First that nothing was before You, and You are the Last that nothing will be after You. You are the Evident that there is nothing above You, and You are the Hidden One that there is nothing below You. Pay for me the debt and save me from poverty!”18

Her Du’a for Healing
“In the name of Allah the light, in the name of Allah the light of light, in the name of Allah a light on light, in the name of Allah Who is the Manager of affairs, in the name of Allah Who has created the light from the light, praise be to Allah Who has created the light from the light, and sent down the light on the mountain in a recorded book, in a spread parchment, in a determined measure, on a happy prophet.

Praise be to Allah Who is with glory mentioned, with pride is known, for better or for worse is thanked, (O Allah) and send blessings on our master Muhammad and on his pure progeny!”19

Her Du’a in Morning and Evening
“O You the Ever-living, the Eternal, by Your mercy I ask for help; so help me and do not let me be deceived by my self for a twinkle of an eye at all, and repair all my affairs!”20

Her Du’a at Sleeping
“Praise be to Allah the Sufficer, glory be to Allah the Highest. Allah is sufficient to me and enough. What Allah wills he fulfills. Allah hears whoever calls upon Him. There is no escape from Allah, and no shelter beyond Allah. “Surely I rely on Allah, my Lord and your Lord; there is no living creature but He holds it by its forelock; surely my Lord is on the right path.” (11:56). “Praise be to Allah, Who has not taken unto Himself a son, and Who has no partner in the Sovereignty, nor has He any protecting friend through dependence. And magnify Him with all magnificence.” (17:111).”21

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