Books on Imam Ali’s (AS) seerah published in Najaf

Books on Imam Ali’s (AS) seerah published in Najaf

The “Amir-ol-Mumineen (AS)” Translation Center in the holy city of Najaf published two books in English on Nahjul Balaqa and Seerah of Imam Ali (AS).

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - According to the website of the Astan (custodianship) of Imam Ali (AS) holy shrine, the books were translated into English and published as part of the scholarly projects of the center in 2016.

Dissemination of the thoughts and teachings of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) is the main objective of the center, which is affiliated to the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department of the Astan.

"Peace Makers…Ali and His Sons” by Sayyid Mohammed Ali Al-Hile and "The Relation with the Other in Nahj-ul-Balagha” compiled by Al-Rawda al-Haidariah Library are the newly published books.

The first one features Nahj-ul-Balagha’s views on give-and-take relations among civilizations and societies while the second book is on the issue of peace and friendship in the sayings and Seerah of Imam Ali (AS).

They were translated from Arabic by Iraqi researcher Mohammad Mohyeddin Tahir.


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