Iran: Software to be released on life of Prophet’s most beloved wife

Amin’s Beloved is the title of a new software program about the life of Prophet Mohammad’s first wife, Khadija. The program is about to be released by Hajar Publishing institute in Qom, Iran.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - An affiliate to the Qom Seminary, Hajar Publishing center is about to release the program as the first comprehensive works on Khadija’s life and role in the expansion of Islam. The program encompasses over 5,000 research indices by Islamic researchers and historian on the references dealing with the life of the lady. The title of the program, Amin’s Beloved, is Sheidaye Amin in Persian which resembles the Prophet’s nick name Amin and his beloved wife Khadija. Amin in Arabic is used to refer to someone who is outstandingly trusty. The program provides for easy access to the indices for researchers of Islamic topics. To complete the program, as many as 1,100 book titles were sifted for addresses or traces of Khadija’s life.End item/ 149  

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