Image / Shia First Ever Girls Orphanage Hostel Foundation Stone Laid in Kashmir

The Kashmiri Shias first ever girls orphanage hostel foundation stone laying ceremony was held in capital srinagar on sunday under the auspices of "almasomeen orphan trust" the Shias first biggest and lone orphanage running trust.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Hundereds of people including sunnis took part in the ceremony. ALmasomeen orphan trust already runs  a almasomeen boys hostels where many orphan  boys from backward and downtrodden  poor classes of society gets shelter.

This almasomeen girls orphanage trust will provide every need to Shia orphan girls like shelter, food and other necessities of life.

This Shia first ever girls hostel has a space for more than150 orphan girls. Unlike sunnis Shias does not belong any orphan girls hostel and this is the first one of its kind.

"The people are contributing with open heart and are happy with our work and really this is a big achievement"said the chairman of the trust Aga Syed Mustafa Rizvi.

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