Zionists hold conference on dividing Aqsa Mosque

In a step described as extremely serious, Zionist speakers unanimously agreed during a conference held on Sunday evening in occupied Jerusalem on the idea of dividing the Aqsa Mosque between Muslims and Jews.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The conference was organized by the Zionist society Ir Amim in cooperation with the center for the protection of democracy - Keshev. The conferees discussed the growing religious activities carried out by the Jews at the Aqsa Mosque, which they claim to be the temple mount.

Among the attendees were Yehuda Glick, head of the temple mount heritage fund, and noted ultra-orthodox rabbis as well as Zionist political analysts, researchers, journalists and settlers.

During the conference, they discussed the status of their alleged temple and the political fallout of the accelerating events that happen there, especially after the Jews stepped up lately their attempts to perform Talmudic rituals in the courtyard of the Aqsa Mosque.

Glick said in his speech that the situation at the temple (the Aqsa Mosque) is very serious and need for a Jewish uprising to consolidate the Israeli presence inside it.

A few speakers, however, opined that any Israeli move to divide the Aqsa Mosque would be dangerous, and only one of them warned of a third world war if any step was taken against the holy Mosque of the Muslims in Jerusalem.

In this regard, the Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage said that this conference vindicated further that the Aqsa Mosque is exposed to extreme danger and that the Israeli occupation regime uses religious allegations to achieve political goals.

The foundation also stressed the need for an Islamic awakening putting an end to all Zionist conspiracies against the Aqsa Mosque.


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