Israeli forces destroyed three mosques, damages 64

The Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs in Gaza, Ismail Radwan, confirmed that the occupation destroyed completely three mosques during the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, while more than 64 mosques were damaged, as well as targeting five cemeteries which led to scattering of the bodies of the martyrs and the dead.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Radwan explained during a press conference held on Wednesday afternoon in front of the destroyed "Abu Khadra Complex ", which houses government departments, that the occupation forces destroyed, during the aggression, ten religious buildings including the headquarters of the Department of Women's Action and Sharia'a school in Khan Younis, leading to the death of three employees of the Ministry of endowments.

He reported that the total cost of the losses of his ministry, according to preliminary estimates of the Commission in charge of evaluating the damage, is about four million dollars.

The Israeli attack against our people in the Gaza Strip revealed the real racist face of the Israeli entity, the minister said, noting to the Israeli fierce aggression on the Palestinian defenseless people, using warplanes and battleships and guns and all types of weapons, without differentiating between the trees, stone and humans, and between men, the unarmed children, women and elderly, targeting even the mosques and cemeteries.

He added that targeting the mosques is a war crime that violates all humanitarian principles, religious rules and international laws, which revealed the true face of the Israeli entity, noting that it aims to ignite a religious war against Islam and Muslims.

The Minister of Awqaf strongly denounced the Israeli aggression on civilians, children, women, and the elderly, and houses of worship and holy sites, pointing out that "this vicious attack is a war crime against humanity, ethics and values.”

Radwan called on the Organization of the Islamic cooperation and human rights organizations to form an international commission of inquiry to prosecute the occupation for its war crimes against humanity and against the mosques and houses of worship.

He also called on endowment ministers in Arab and Muslim countries to act to protect the mosques and houses of worship and holy sites, and to support the Palestinian people in the face of aggression, stressing the right of the Palestinian people to exercise their natural right of freedom of worship, asking them to rebuild mosques destroyed during the recent aggression.

Abdel Salam Syam, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, stated that the government's priorities in the current phase will focus on the reconstruction of houses and properties destroyed by the Israeli war machine.

Seyam stressed in a press conference on Wednesday that the government will bear full responsibility towards those affected by the Israeli aggression, emphasizing that they do everything they can to improve the living conditions of citizens, especially in health, education and municipal services.

He noted that the government and all ministries' employees did not leave their work during the aggression and worked to secure the internal front and to provide security and basic needs to all the citizens during the aggression days.

He announced that the government is urgently seeking to provide housing for the victims of aggression and to provide emergency aid for displaced families and the families of the martyrs and the wounded, praising the steadfastness of the families of the martyrs and the wounded during the Israeli brutal attack.

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