Prominent Palestinian Fatah leader Hani al-Hasan dies in Amman

Prominent Fatah leader and former member of its central committee, Hani al-Hasan, died on Friday morning in Amman at the age of 73.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Hasan is one of the first generation in the National Liberation Movement, Fatah. He formed the first cell in Western Europe in Germany with Hayel Abdel-Hamid in the sixties of last century.He came to be known as the man of secret missions and the man of difficult missions and remained close to Arafat despite his declared opposition to the Oslo accord in 1993, but not to a peaceful settlement with Israel.Hasan was born in Haifa in 1937 and held a number of important posts in Fatah under Arafat, the last of which was deputy head of its central committee and foreign relations.He graduated in Engineering from Germany and studied for his PhD in Media studies in USSR.He returned to Gaza in 1995 and became the head of Foreign Relations in Fatah and a political adviser to Arafat.In 2002 he was appointed Interior Minister, which was the first ministerial post Hasan held in the PA. He was tasked with integrating the PA security apparatuses in three apparatuses.PA President Mahmoud Abbas issued a decree in 2007 relieving him of his post as the chief adviser to the president because of an interview on al-Jazeera in which Hasan said that there was a current within the Fatah movement lead by Mohammad Dahlan which is implementing an American plan, and that Dahlan was the cause of the fighting in Gaza between Fatah and Hamas./129

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