Syrian National Council the Military Arm of CIA

A document prepared by the Catholic lobby in France mentioned that the Syrian National Council is the military arm of the American intelligence.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Controversial atmosphere took place after Basma Qadamani attended the largest Masonic conference in the world.

The report from which we are going to publish a document is attached to the conference of the global Bilderberg Group and prepared by a group of French activists who support the so-called Catholic lobby which is the most powerful in France. The report mentions that the position of France has deteriorated recently on the global level. The weakness of its presence in Bilderberg Club, the most important economic, political, security, and military club ever, is clear evidence. The conference classified the National Syrian Council as security and political council, and reported that there was a significant Turkish and Israeli representation as well as a sort of weird Syrian representation by the spokesperson of the Syrian Council "Basma Qadamani" and attributing her attendance to the presence of two high-level American security officials.

Some Arabic sites did not comment on Qadamani's attendance at Bilderberg Conference, yet some sides in the Syrian opposition criticized the event in electronic mails. Although we obtained some of those mails that were distributed among activists in this domain, however we will only publish certain paragraphs from the report of the French Catholic lobby since its publishers have a significant experience in Western relations, French security and politics, and inside the churchly lobby that is close to decision-making in France.

So weird was the attendance of a Syrian representative at the Masonic Bilderberg Club Conference, the club of world leaders and most powerful companies and personas in the world. Basma Qadamani is the spokesperson of the Syrian National Council or the so-called Council of Istanbul. Qadamani's unexplainable presence at the conference came along with the attendance of two Turkish representatives as well as a Russian, not to mention that it is the first time for those three countries to be represented at such conference.

A close side to the Catholic lobby in France prepared this report that mentioned the following: "The meeting of Bilderberg Group was held between May 31st and June 2nd in the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel, 40 kilometers from the White House, under intensive security and military measures. This place witnessed two previous meetings for the same group as sources stated. And Basma Qadadmani, the spokesperson of the Syrian National Council, attended it accompanied with the Israeli professor of Economics at New York University Itamar Rabinovich , in addition to Ariel Levitt, an instructor at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Among the attendees, there were the former Russian world champion of chess and the anti-president Vladimir Putin, Gary Kasparov, Obama's National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon, and Keith Alexander, the Director of America's major intelligence branch; the National Security Agency.
According to the same sources, the Turkish attendance was also notable. Turkish daily Harriet's editor-in-chief, Anis Barbar Oglu was present as well as Erdogan's Adviser for Economic and Financial Affairs, Ali Barbakan, and the Head of Turkey's Kook Group, Mustapha Kook. Professor of International Relations in the University of Sabanci, Fouad Kayman, and the General Manager of Vodafone Turkey, Serpil Timuray also attended on the Turkish level.

The report that described the Syrian National Council as the military arm of the CIA mentioned that:"Along with the attendance of Thomas Donilon and Keith Alexander, the symbolic presence of Qadamani, the representative of the number one group among the military opposition to Bashar Assad's regime, indicates that this council is the military arm of American intelligence agencies.

What is the Bilderberg Group?

Bilderberg Group represents an unofficial annual conference attended by 130 members, most of whom are the world's strongest politicians, businessmen, and bankers. Inside the conference, top secret talks about several global, financial, military, and political issues take place.

Any Arab or Islamic figure is allowed to attend the conference because all the talks are about them, especially how to control them and oblige them to surrender. The American activist Alex Jones recorded their meeting in 2009 and produced a documentary about this club asserting that Hillary Clinton attended it.

The international Wikipedia defines this group as: An unofficial annual conference attended by 150 invitees, most of whom are the strongest politicians, businessmen, and bankers worldwide. And global economic, military, and political issues are top-secretly discussed at the conference.
The Group was founded in 1954 after some rich and powerful men suggested its establishment. It was named after Bilderberg Hotel in the Dutch village Oosterbeek where the first conference was held in the same year. Europeans constitute two thirds of the members while the rest are Americans.

The meetings are annually held in Europe, and once every four years in the U.S. or Canada. The hotel in where the conference is held is totally reserved, extreme security measures take place, and media outlets are banned from having access. No statements are distributed after the meeting and members of the group have to say the oath of secrecy.

An internal management committee selects the new members according to a number of qualifications such as supporting Zionism and never opposing Semitism. Its members, in general, believe in Fabian's socialist theory which demands "democratic control on all the activities of the society." This theory considers that the "Global Government" is the best way to control humans. It is common between Fabian and Communism.

Among the invitees, there were representatives of the following companies: IBM, Xerox, Royal Dutch Shell, and others... The meeting of 2009, held in a Greek hotel, was attended by high-ranking figures such as Beatrix, the Queen of the Netherlands, Sofia, the Queen of Spain, the prime ministers of Greece and Finland, the U.S. Secretary of Treasury, the Head of the American Federal Reserve, the President of the World Bank, and the President of the European Commission. The broadcaster Alex Jones followed up several meetings of the group and took photos for the attendees. He also asserts in a documentary of his that Hillary Clinton was among the invitees of the 2009 conference.

With respect to the high-level personages affiliated with the group, and the unprecedented secrecy of its meetings, many theories about attempts to control world were referred to this club.

But the question that stands to reason is: For which excuse Basma Qadamani was invited to attend this high-level conference which gathers the world's most powerful personas on the levels of economics, martial, and security?


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