Serious Health Situation in Gaza Strip

Dr Ashraf Kodra, Gaza Health Ministry spokesman, warned of the serious health situation in Gaza due to lack of medicines in the ministry's warehouses, pointing out that 202 types of medicines considered essential are currently out of stock in the Gaza Strip such as drug protocols for cancer treatment and blood, heart, and kidney diseases.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - He added that 120 other types of medicines run out in ministry warehouses during the next two or three months. This means that patients will be deprived of 320 of essential medicines.
The health situation in Gaza has once again reached catastrophic levels, which made things difficult and bitter for the patients and the medical staff efforts in relieving the patients, he said.

Kodra called on, in a press release on Monday, everyone to bear his humanitarian, national and moral responsibility and to break the silence to press on those responsible for this catastrophic situation and to save lives of patients who are in deep need for treatment, condemning the continuous violation of Gaza patients' right to treatment.

He renewed his call on international and Arab organizations and institutions for urgent intervention to put an end to this catastrophic situation that has a serious impact on the Palestinian citizen's health and life.


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