Syrian Shia, Sunni Muslim participated in the funeral procession of 24 Martyrs

The bodies of 24 martyrs on Sunday were escorted to their final resting place in the Martyrs' Cemetery of Besnada in Lattakia Province.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The martyrs were targeted by the armed terrorist groups while performing their national duty in Homs province.

Governor of Lattakia Abdel Qader Mohammad al-Sheikh said that the martyrs sacrificed their souls for the sake of the homeland.

Mufti of Lattakia, Sheikh Ghazal Ghazal, said that the Syrian Army will always be the defender of the homeland regardless of the conspiracies that aim at Syria's steadfastness and national unity.

For his part, Christian Father Jihad Nassif expressed appreciation for the sacrifices of the martyrs to protect Syria's security and stability.


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