Syria: Armed Groups Attack Official and Police Departments in Hama Using Machineguns and Molotov Cocktails

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - An official source stated that armed groups began an intense armed assault tactic on Monday using live ammo and Molotov cocktails against official and police departments in the city of Hama.

The source said that armed men carrying machineguns are using motorbikes and some of them are stationed on rooftops and that at dawn they began opening fire heavily on departments, targeting windows and entrances. They also threw Molotov cocktails at these departments to set them on fire.

This attack forced workers in some of these departments to remain where they are due to the shooting that prevents them from going in or out.

The source said that the army is still pursuing its mission of removing the roadblocks set by saboteur groups on the city's main entrances, and that a wide scale conflict is taking place since these groups are organized into units and use advanced weapons, in addition to laying traps in main streets.

Armed Terrorist Groups Attack Conscription & Mobilization Centers in Hama, Steal Military ID Cards and Uniforms

The armed groups continued their criminal acts and attacked Conscription and Mobilization Centers in Hama City and stole military ID cards and uniforms, which might be negatively used later to commit aggressive practices which contradict the Military Establishment ethics and accuse the army of doing them.

It is likely that these armed groups might set up roadblocks to stop citizens and assault them or to carry out raids, film them and broadcast them on the instigative channels as being committed by the Syrian army.

Armed Groups Blocked Way of Trucks Laoded with Food Supplies in Idleb

An armed group blocked the way of four cars loaded with food supplies while heading to distribute them to the consumption centers in Hazareen town, Maarat al-Nu'man.

The groups also burglarized another truck carrying 13 tons of sugar with guns and forced its driver to unload the cargo in unknown area.

The car driver Monzer Bakkour told SANA that he was ambushed in Hazareen town within a convoy of four trucks tasked with transporting sugar supplies from Tal Sahlab factory, indicating that the other trucks could escape the ambush.

The group was equipped with different arms, grenades and guns, he added.

The terrorist attacks of the armed groups on citizens and public and private properties increased over the past few days. Last week, these groups attacked a train transporting 500 passengers from Aleppo to Damascus and blew up an oil pipeline near Tal Hosh Dam in Tal Kalakh.

Another armed terrorist group targeted a bus carrying passengers from Damascus to Misyaf which resulted in the martyrdom of a woman and the injury of 15 citizens.


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