Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Mufti Says Iranians are Zoroastrian

Sheikh Abdul-Azeez ibn Abdullaah Aal Ash-Shaikh, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia and a senior member of the Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Fataawa considers the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran to be Zoroastrian.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Over a phone conversation with one of the Saudi Arabian newspapers, he said: “there were not many Zoroastrians in history, but they have been well-known (so what! who has assigned you to be historian without documentation and authenticity, let's see what you have to say and what are your proves to the lies this time!!!).

History knows them as a nation full of hate and oppression (lie, if you meant history of Iran, for you ignorant mind, it is good to say and let you know that Iran has been known as cradle of civilization, just check this link, if you meant the country in general, you are diluting the historical fact to manipulate the reality that each and every country have had had good days and bad days and indeed your country and Bahrain are in the age of oppression and you are the puppets in the hands of the colonialism puppet master. If you are truthful tell me who is the puppet master of Iran, who are running the destiny of Iran and Iranian nation? I guarantee your answer would be no one but themselves opposite to you. Good or bad they have their destiny in their own will, and will not receive their orders from Tel Aviv or Washington. DC).

They have always tried to oppress Islam and the Sunnis (lie. If you meant Iranian Muslims or even Zoroastrians, that is a lie. Iranian originally were Sunnis when Islam came to Iran and people of Iran embraced Islam with kindness and love due to oppressions were taking from king of the time. Later in time Iranian educated themselves more and more with Islam and they found the path of Imam Ali (as) preferable to join. So, they dedicated to the Shia school of thoughts which was directly rooted and connected to the last prophet of Allah(swt), Muhammad (saw) via his family (Ahlul-Bayt).”

He added: “we must be wise in front of them (lie. If you are truthful why have you not accepted the public debate with Shia scholars in TV and radio with documentary evidence so people see the truth where are you rooted and where Shia Islam is rooted?!!!). We cannot accept their claims to Islam because they are hypocrites (another lie. This is nothing but a scapegoat and an old style of Wahhabis slander to dodge the truth by labeling opposition).

They are saying things out of hypocrisy while trying to harm the roots of Islam and Sunnis (lie again. Iranian in search of truth changed the school of thought to Shia, if you were honest and truthful you would accept the public debate)”

he continued: “the officials of the Islamic republic of Iran are of this nature (lie. It is you and your coward and mischievous masters are rooted in corruption).

They opposed sending soldiers to Bahrain (lie. Who are you think you are fooling?! Have little respect to public intelligence, Iran was not asked, even if asked, will Iran accept your and approve tyranny and invasion?!!! You are indeed blind to see the truth & light of Allah (swt).

While they claim to be Muslim (indeed Iranians are Muslims and very proud of it and proved in 8 years of imposed was that you and other tyrants of your like were supporting and encouraging Saddam in war against Iran’s fresh and young Islamic revolution, but where is Saddam now, by Allah’s will you will join Saddam soon), they desired to harm Islam and Sunnis in Bahrain. (Biggest of the lies. Iran supported and will continue supporting all oppressed people in the world regardless of their nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, financial status, language..., but you Wahhabis are so twisted in your hearts with hypocrisy and deceptions that you made it your way of lifestyle and cannot tolerate or handle the truth).”

Please note: The fonts in green are Wahhabi words and the fonts in dark blue inside parenthesis are our comments.


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