Jordan to Host Forum on “World Economic Crisis in Islamic Viewpoint”

A forum on “economic and financial crisis of today’s world in Islamic economics view point” will be held on December 1 in Amman, Jordan.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - According to Al-Dastoor newspaper, the program has been organized under the supervision of Samir Al-Rifa’i, Prime Minister of Jordan in cooperation with the International University of Islamic Sciences and the World Center for Islamic Thought.

It is to be held with the presence of a group of Muslim scholars from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq and Malaysia.

Fathi Hassan Malkavi, regional director of the World Center of Islamic Thought, Abdul Naser Abul Basal, president of the international university and Mohammad Abu Hammour, Finance Minister of Jordan as the honorary guest of the program, will be the speakers of the opening ceremony of the meeting.

Papers on “universality of the Islamic economic system and executive agencies instead of capitalism”, “the world’s financial crisis and Islamic view” and “the world’s economic crisis; moral-historical view” will be presented at the two-day meeting.

Also there will be papers discussing issues such as “economic crisis of today’s world and the fate of capitalism”, “current economic crisis; causes, outcomes and solutions” and “the world’s financial and economic crisis; causes and the possibility to overcome it in Islamic view point”.

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