'Islam and Psychological Health' Conference planned

'Islam and Psychological Health' Conference planned

First National and Second Regional Conference themed 'Islam and Psychological Health' will be held in Bandar Abbas from April 21-22 with the aim of organizing the thinkers' efforts in the field.

Hormuzgan University Jihad will organize the First National Conference on Islam and Psychological Health to help pave the way for coordinating thinkers, professors and researchers and psychological health experts' efforts in the field and review religious teachings in line with promoting individual psychological health and solving problems originating form psychological disorders prevalent in the society.

Topics for discussion include psychological health from the Islamic perspective, role of worshipping in psychological health, Islamic lifestyle and psychological health, concept of hope in life from the Islamic point of view, status of preventing vices and promoting virtues in providing individual and social psychological health and psychological health from view points of Islamic sects.

Islamic covering, security and psychological health, role of prayers in psychological health, employment and psychological health from Islamic perspective and Imam Sajjad's (AS) Treaty on human rights are among the other subjects to be dealt with during the event.


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