Former adviser to Saudi King Fahd: Al Saud is proud of being Jewish

Former adviser to Saudi King Fahd: Al Saud is proud of being Jewish

A Syrian scholar convert from Wahhabism to Shi’a Islam said the kings and princes of the House of Saud regime are proud of being Jewish and that Wahhabis claim to be Muslims but seek to remove Islam from its roots.

AhlulBayt News Agency - Speaking to reporters in Iran, Dr. Ali al-Shu’aybi, a Syrian convert from Wahhabism to Shi’a Islam, said that he had been an active Wahhabi for twenty years and worked alongside them in Syria, including with their leader, Nasiruddin Unwani, who died in 2002.

He said: “Wahhabism is rooted in Judaism and their ideology comes from Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab.”

The Syrian scholar noted that Wahhabis are heirs of ibn Taymiyyah (d. 1328 CE) and Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab (d. 1792 CE) and these individuals thought they could create a new ideology in the world and the Islamic world.

Dr. al-Shu’aybi said that outwardly, Wahhabis claim to be Muslims but their aim is to eliminate Islam from its roots.

The former adviser to King Fahd said that Wahhabis claim to be reforming religion and society but they only discuss topics such as visiting graves, moving the finger during tashahhud, the number of units of the tarawih prayer, tawassul (resorting to an intermediary) and not concrete issues.

The Syrian scholar stated that Jewish-German orientalists say that ibn Taymiyyah began the Wahhabi ideology and ibn Abdul-Wahhab completed it and it will not be altered until the Day of Judgement.

Dr. al-Shu’aybi stating that Wahhabism has Jewish roots and this is not something which has been exaggerated. “The army of ibn Abdul-Wahhab was composed of Jews and this is mentioned in various books,” he said.

He pointed out that the fourth ancestor of Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab was a Jew from the Turkish city of Izmir, saying: “This man had a great hatred toward Muslims and this action [creation of Wahhabism] was his revenge.”

The Syrian scholar said that the Wahhabi ideology was sponsored by the United Kingdom and added that a British company [the East India Company] financially supported the family of Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab.

Dr. al-Shu’aybi said the kings and princes of the House of Saud regime are proud of being Jewish because in 1969, King Faisal gave an interview to the Washington Post in which he confessed to being Jewish.

He said Muslim preachers, especially clergymen of the ‘school of truth’ [Shi’a Islam] should be careful because the differences between Sunnis and Wahhabi are many and we must distinguish between them because they are separated from each other and Wahhabis are also the enemies of Sunnis.

In conclusion, the Syrian scholar said: “If we explain the truth of Wahhabism for Sunnis. We must eschew Wahhabism and orient ourselves toward the school of truth.”


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