Ahmadinejad: Iran advocates world free from aggression, tyranny and bullying

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Monday that Iran advocates a better world full of kindness and friendship in which there will be no room for aggression, tyranny and bullying and the nations' wealth not to be plundered.
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - President Ahmadinejad made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Nicaraguan Parliament Speaker Sandinista René Núñez. 

Expansion of relations and cooperation between revolutionary governments and nations are vital for resisting to unfair pressures ramped up by arrogant powers, he said. 

He said that arrogant powers and the enemies of world nations are in their weakest status while the revolutionary sprit of nations are on rise. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran is to broaden relations and cooperation with the world nations mainly the revolutionary nations such as Nicaragua, he said adding that "We believe that our might has been strengthened and we are able to resist to the unfair pressures ramped up by arrogant powers." 

The revolutionarily spirit of the world nations is on rise and this could be easily observed in the Latin America as well as in all continents, he said. 

The President regretted that the world monetary system is currently dependent on US dollars and that the US administration simply shifts the US economy shortfalls to the world nations which is regarded as a systematic theft at the expense of welfare of the world nations. 

Ahmadinejad said that there is no doubt that the current world order will change requiring collective contribution of world nations to usher in a fair governing system for the international community. 

Lauding the stand adopted by the Nicaraguan government and nation to support Iran at international organizations, he said Iran and Nicaragua are brotherly nations and will back each other in resistance to their common enemies systematic economic pressure. 

"We are happy to witness that the number of revolutionary nations in the Latin America is on rise which is regarded as a promising sign of development and progress." 

The Nicaraguan parliament speaker, for his part, hailed Iran's significant progress and economic development in various fields and said the Nicaraguan government is well aware of the fact that it should fully back Iranian nation and legal rights through the international conventions. 

Nicaragua has always condemned economic sanctions on Iran, he said adding that "We believe that this is the stand of other world nations too." 

This is the first ever visit of a Nicaraguan parliamentary delegation to Iran, he said adding that it is a turning point to expand parliamentary cooperation between the two countries.

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