Iranian cleric calls for Christian Orthodox-Shia dialogue

A top Iranian Shia cleric highlighted importance of interfaith dialogues and demanded for talks to be held between Islamic and Christian denominations.

 (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Hujjat-ol-Islam Alireza Arafi, Head of Al Mustafa International University, met with a delegation of Christian Orthodox bishops and university professors from Bucharest University and said the necessities for confrontation with the present challenges ahead of religions are to be found in Islam and Christianity. He referred to the theme and philosophy shared among Abrahamic religions, particularly Islam and Christianity, and said, “Qur’an has a pleasant view on Christianity and the religion has been accurately expressed by Imams (AS).” Member of the Cultural Revolution Council, counted cooperation and comparative analysis in the fields of philosophy, theoretical and practical mysticism as some of the moves for interaction and exchange of experiences among Abrahamic religions. This religious figure also noted guidance of the people as an important duty of the religious scholars and announced the preparation of Al Mustafa International University for cooperation in comparative studies and boosting ties between the center and Bucharest University as well as Christian Orthodox Church.End item/ 149

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