Gambian religious scholar: West is worried about Iran’s political Islam

Head of the Proximity center of Islamic Schools of Gambia mentioned the strong fears of the West about Iran’s political Islam and remembered Imam Khomeini as the reviver of the power of the Muslim nation.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Head of Proximity center of Islamic Schools and the Judge of Islamic Appeal court of Gambia, Sheikh Osman Juh,  in an interview by referring to the West’s enmity with Iran and Iran’s anti-imperialism politics expressed: “Iran has not committed any terroristic and violent act and the enmity of America and the western counties with Iran is just because of Iran’s statement about the Zionist regime and the Global arrogance”.He said: “Iran is pro-Islamic politics and this makes Iran’s enemies angry and scared of them. The Islamic nations have to be united so that power which Prophet Muhammad has given us and Imam Khomeini has revived it, we can keep it.”This African Sunni thinker described the Wahabism as extremists and expressed: “Wahhabi scholar’s enmity is not just towards Shia even their enmity is with those Sunni who do not agree with them and they name all of the Muslim who does not agree with them heretic and Growled blood”. Sheikh Osman Juh by emphasizing that all the troubles started since the time of the current regime of Saudi Arabia said: “As long as there was no current Saudi Arabia regime and no Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab all the Muslims were living peacefully and there was no problem in between but unfortunately Wahabism appears to excommunicate and kill people”.The Head of Proximity center of Islamic Schools of Gambia by mentioning to the massive different between Sunni and wahabism noted: “Sunnis do not even allow excommunicating the sinners but Wahabism easily give their verdicts and apparently practical orders to excommunication and kill innocent people and opponents. Wahabism has nothing to do with the Sunni sect and the accusation made by the Wahabis to Sunnis makes me very upset.”He continued: “Whoever studied in the universities of Saudi Arabia knows the different between Sunni and Wahabism perfectly. Wahabis recognizes everyone as disbelievers. Islam’s teaching show that the reality of the noble Islam clearly but Wahhabis cannot see the reality and facts of Islam because they are extremist and ignorant. They just respect their own ideas and hate the other types of understandings. The Judge of Islamic Appeal court of Gambia asserted: “The Wahabi scholars think that they are the most knowledgeable people but if we want to remember an exemplary scholar of the Islamic world we have to remember Imam Khomeini who was inviting people to religious tolerance and accepting others opinion.” Osman Juh referred to the Zionist regime and the Global arrogant powers as the main factors of differences and said: “We all know that the Zionist regime and the Global arrogant powers are the mutual enemy of Shia and Sunni Islam and there is no enmity in between the Shia and Sunnis. Our disagreement starts from Israel and the Global arrogant.” He noted: “Now there is not much differences between the Muslim sects but Zionists are making every difference look very big to show the huge enmity between the Muslims. Our commonalities are more than our differences. We worship one God, the direction of Qibla, The holy Quran and our Prophet are the same. We just have some differences in the details and enforcement”. The Head of Proximity center of Islamic Schools of Gambia referred to some of the Fatwa of the Wahabi scholars as the roots of deception and noted: “Some of the Wahabi scholars give out the order of death for Shia people and they say whoever kill a Shia will go to the heaven.”  /129

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